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Hip Hop superstar. Here’s his unsolicited quote from his Playboy interview: “...I don't think Playboy has enough ass. But the best girl you had in the past three years has to be Rita G... She’s got an ass even white people like.”




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  My Latest Update

Hey everyone! I know I don't post here as much as I used to, but I am keeping busy and making sure I keep this site live and active for past, present, and future fans, friends, and myself! 

I'm still doing some occasional modeling, photography, and appearances on TV and radio. I'm also really excited about my skincare company that I have been working hard to help promote. You all know me, I am a straight shooter! And the skincare products we offer are all about staying away from toxic chemicals and doing right for your skin. Come visit! www.viaskinscience.com


4/16/16 - Thank you Damon Wayans!

"I'm glad I met the radiant Rita G before I retired!" - Damon Wayans


2/7/16 - True Beauty

Ladies - most of the stuff you do to 'enhance' your beauty really just distracts from your natural beauty.


6/24/15 - Corey Holcomb Show

Did you hear me yesterday? Check out the archives at You Tube and at http://www.coreyholcomb.com/


5/17/15 - Love

Love is my religion.


2/7/15 - More Smoke...

Keep tuned! ;)


1/4/15 - The 5150 Show

Thanks for all the great feedback regarding my 5150 Show appearance. Where there's smoke...


9/23/14 - Mailing List

I've had a few messages from fans and friends lately that they haven't received any e-mails from me in a while though the mailing list above. Be sure it is still active, and I have been planning a couple of sends for a while now. I have the full list, but unlike other sites, I actually care about my readers and don't like to bombard your inboxes with crap every day. I'd like to think that helps everyone to truly read my mails when I do send them. And they are always sent with love!  R


9/9/14 - Throwback Tuesday

My own version of the FB fad, but I always do things differently! Someone just told me my "Flashing Lights" video has been viewed 36 million times on You Tube! Wow! And they told me there is renewed interest as of late, so you never know where you might find me next. ;) 


7/14/14 - Summer Cleaning

I've been working to update and freshen this site. It does take time, but you will be seeing subtle changes. Anything you want to see added? LMK, I love hearing from everyone.  G 


6/30/14 - Futbol Fever

This World Cup is nuts! Even Texas has the fever! 


4/5/14 - Spring!

I know a lot of my friends back on the east coast are excited Spring is here, though I hear it's still a bit cool there. Hang in, baseball season is underway so warm weather is just around the corner!

And thanks to everyone who has been reaching out to me through the member site and Twitter. I still need more aspiring models, so hit us up! Peace! RG 


2/20/14 - Talk to Me!

Members!!! I've added a mail link on the member main page, because I know some of you have been dying to ask me something. Ok maybe not dying LOL but here's your chance anyway. I'll answer as many as I can personally. This is for members only so make sure you message me from the same address you signed up with or you might get filtered out. 


2/5/14 - New Gallery!

It's been a while since I posted a new gallery. This one is previewed at the right, and contains unreleased pics from one of my fave shoots from the last year or so. These just happen to be the hottest of the bunch, so I hope you all like them as much as I do ;) 

Remember this is just 1 of about 300 galleries and videos active on the site. 

And aspiring models... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!

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