10/23/13 - My Sex Crap Site!

Please show some love for my old site, www.e-crap.com. That is the site where I wrote a Sex Crap column which led to my Playboy column. They have a couple of great new blogs, including 'Kramer Invented Twerking' which has been in the news. Check it out, 'like' them on Facebook, and tell them Rita sent you! 


9/10/13 - Aspiring Models?

I've been asked a couple times over the past week if me and my team are still interested in evaluating aspiring models to appear on this site and in other projects. YES!!!!! We want to help discover the next model sensation! We've worked with a few already, and they landed additional opportunities. Reach out to us via the CONTACT tab above, and we'll talk. 


7/24/13 - Are You Photogenic?

Not to toot my own horn (so to speak) but I am very excited how my photography has been taking off. I am being recognized by media and the modeling community, and that makes it extra special - when your peers recognize your talents and innovations! Which makes me wonder why I'm not shooting you? Or your girlfriend? Or a gal you know who should be a model? Adult model or non! This site, FHM, or Vogue! Reach me here, or my photography site!


7/8/13 - More Craziness

Hey, sorry if anyone tried signing up for my site with Mastercard and got an error. It's all fixed, so please try again. Mastercard started charging a lot more to allow my members to sign up, since "adult" sites are so risky. F them. So we tried negotiating but ultimately gave in and we are fine. We were never down, just signups through Mastercard. Another reason why this site needs your support - we're not the big guys, we're me! And I'll always keep it that way so I can relate to my members and friends. Heck, I even had a "Win a Date with Rita G" contest a few years ago. It was wild! I'm game to new ideas so tweet me or e-mail the site and let us know! Meantime, happy to be back! ;)


5/27/13 - Arrested!

No, not me! LOL "Arrested Development!" I cannot believe how many of my friends spent much of the Memorial Day weekend watching all the new episodes on Netflix. I expected to hear this one friend say she spent three days in the sun, but no. I haven't checked them out yet. Tweet at me, and hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Kisses and Hugs - The "G"


5/5/13 - Over 30 Million Views!

I just checked Kanye's "Flashing Lights" video starring yours truly... didn't realize it has now been viewed over 30 million times! Making that video was as crazy as the concept! I need to write about that sometime. Remind me! ;)


4/13/13 - Bring in the old(er)?

Finally had a down minute from photography, and came across some seldom seen stuff that I may have only posted on the site for a very short time - some of it years ago. I'm going to go through them this week and post some of them. Hope you like the blast from the mostly pretty recent past! And shout out to Kobe - always sad when someone who works so hard to be the best runs into bad fortune. Hopefully he'll be back.

Keep Tweeting! <3<3


3/17/13 - Happy St. Patty's Day

Gotta love a holiday that promotes GREEN like I do constantly, not to mention a special day for all my Irish friends (and my friends that become Irish for one day!) Admittedly, there is nothing green about the new featured video, really not even close in color as you will see. But I think it might be just the cure after your long day at a parade, bar, or wherever you decided to celebrate the day!


2/22/13 - Basketball or Hip-Hop Week?

Oh, I still love all you guys (LeBron, Chris, etc) but Houston turned into a three-ring circus! Geez, what happened to basketball? Instead, it was more a hip-hop all star week! Amazing how many celebs I ran into, and none of them were basketball players! Hah! Please keep tweeting me! It's probably the best way i keep in touch these days. And please take my tweets seriously. I want every one of my friends healthy! TRUST ME!!!  Much <3


2/3/13 - Go Ravens!

Or 49ers! ;) 

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but those of you who follow me on Twitter know I am busier than ever. All good! But I will try to stop back for unique thoughts more often. Enjoy the game, spend it with loved ones, and don't call out sick to work tomorrow! <3


2/3/13 - DVD Shipping

For those that have asked, we still have a small inventory of DVD's available, but we are holding off shipping internationally for now. Just have had a few orders recently not make their way to the orderers, and it becomes a huge hassle. Hopefully we'll resume international shipping soon. Thanks for understanding!

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