12/25/12 - Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate today! A new year is around the corner, and that's a great time to tackle new things. I'm glad many of you are reading my "green" posts, so please keep tweeting me! Luv, R


12/7/12 - I Need You All Healthy!

I truly worry about ALL of my friends, and if you are reading this or a member of the site, I think about you often so I hope you don't mind if I occasionally preach. It is SO important to eat right. I am a vegan, but you don't have to be to eat right! OMG I read the other day that some hospitals might be opening McDonald's inside them? That's like a health food store selling pork rinds! Please just start THINKING about it. Start with my "green" site - www.ritagoesgreen.com. I won't bite, I promise ;)


10/29/12 - More Sandy... and VOTE!!!!!

I am so thankful to be finally be hearing from some of my friends and members in the NYC area. I was truly worried after seeing how hard the area was hit. I'm told much of the Jersey Shore is gone, and NYC is still fighting back after 8 days! So many people I know still without power, or heat! Please keep the notes coming and be safe above all else!

And if nothing else, this storm accentuates our Presidential election today. The two candidates provide stark differences in the way the country would be run. Absolutely stark. It's really up to you to decide which way you think is best, and I would never try to persuade anyone. But please make your voice heard and vote!


10/29/12 - Sandy Means Business!

Wow, I have been watching some videos and photos of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast and all I can say for my many friends in the NYC area is please be safe! I wish I could give every one of you a big hug for support, but my thoughts and prayers are with every one of you and your families. I will keep sending every positive thought and vibe that I can muster your way. I love you all, and I hope you can feel my big hug right now!


10/21/12 - Politics :(

I am so glad tomorrow night is the final Presidential debate, and also so glad this horrible election season is almost over. I'm not going to get all political like some of my counterparts, but if anyone really thinks either major party is going to do right (or even better) for all of the average citizens, well... they're not. Vote, because it is your right, but please temper expectations whomever you vote for. And as for the debate, here's an idea... turn it off, turn on your PC, or iPad, or even your iPhone 5 and check out some of the hot new vids on my site. Much much MUCH better than the foreign policy debate! And much more worthy of your valuable time! ;)


9/15/12 - Interesting...

You know, I update my site regularly with photos and videos, and stuff like that, but it seems the majority of the messaging I get these days are more about other things - my photography business, advice, my thoughts on things... It's interesting. I used to do a Sex advise type column for Playboy, and same for E-Crap.com, and haven't done any of that for a while. Maybe i need to think about posting some of my old columns, or writing new ones? Or, updating some of the older ones. LMK what you all think. Might make an interesting addition to the site, if members ever get tired of the 13,000 photos and videos posted! ;)


8/23/12 - Gotta Love E-Mail

So we finally got some photos of a gal we wanted to feature on this site, but when we e-mailed her back her mailbox was full! I *think* she was using an office computer, which might not have been the smartest thing to do! If you read this, please contact us again - we like what you sent! ;)

Meantime, keep visiting the member site for new content because you never know what you might find. Even some older stuff that was "lost." R


8/4/12 - Heat

August already, and a hot summer. Literally and figuratively! ;) I hope members are enjoying the content and new stuff, and that everyone is enjoying the summer. I've even caught myself watching some Olympics when I am out with friends, between photography shoots and looking for new models to feature here. Where are you, ladies?


7/19/12 - Roller Coaster

So Houston has Linsanity after all! The city is pretty stoked! So while you are stoking (grin) check out some of the new stuff in the Members section, and the new vid. Maybe they'll keep you stoking for a while ;)


7/13/12 - Where is the Next Rita G?

I'm still looking for aspiring adult models. Truly an opportunity that won't happen again, so come on! Reach out.

And it looks Linsanity is not happening in Houston, but maybe Dwight Howard?


7/10/12 - Linsanity?

How cool is this? Linsanity might be coming to Houston! :) I'm deciding on some new featured galleries and videos this week. Also, GALS!!!!! Where are you? Aspiring models are still not presenting themselves! Shoot us some pics and a message, and the world will know you TOMORROW!


6/25/12 - Peeps

Two things - first a shout out to all my peeps who survived a couple of 100 degree days in one of my fave cities, NYC! Second, someone messaged me about content, as it blew the person away when they saw how much content was on the member site. I try to mention everything going on here, but I forget. Or move on to something else. The only way to see (or know) everything is to go there. There's a lot. I promise! ;)


6/19/12 - Summer Cleaning

I need to make some room. I still have over 12,000 pics of me on the site for members. That's a lot of Rita! Plus nearly 50 videos. If you ever want to see all 12,000+ again, join now. Pretty soon I'm going to be removing some of them to make room for new stuff. That is something that excites me! BTW, you'll find a new vid. How many out there are rooting for the Heat?


6/4/12 - June Already

Talk about a year flying by? Wow. I just posted a vid I did a couple years ago that was only shown on this site for a very short time previously.  Hope you like! Go Spurs!


5/13/12 - Almost There

I think I have conquered the last issues preventing the new galleries of moi from being released. Like I said below I do most of the work myself because I want to keep this my site. Another new vid has been posted, and don't forget to check out Mr. Howard Stern on AGT tomorrow night!  


4/27/12 - New RG Galleries Coming Soon

These are never-before-seen galleries of yours truly. Sorry they are taking longer to prepare but I do a lot of the preparation myself. You are not supporting some huge web conglomerate when you join my site - you are supporting me! Other than the physical load to a web server, this site is, and has always been, me. So occasionally it takes a little longer for these newer galleries. Meantime, I uploaded part I of a new video. Thanks for liking these, and for your patience with lil ole me! ;) 


4/15/12 - Let's Play Two!!!

In honor of the new baseball season starting, and it being a beautiful Spring day for many of us throughout the country, we bring you the last two videos of the current "Kitchen Fun" series. Call it a double-header! ;)

And remember, I am still looking for that right gal to feature. That right aspiring adult model that needs that one break. The break is here. All you need to do is contact us. 


3/25/12 - New Video Series Begins

You know the drill... same as the previous. And I know we all like variety! Meantime, happy spring 2012! 


3/13/12 - Part 4 is Up

Of the first of several new video series. Which means Part 3 is gone forever. These vids are hot, and the new series starts soon. It's nice to give everyone a little variety. And for those who asked, I still have a few DVD's left, and they are coming with a little bonus.


3/3/12 - New Photos

Just added to most recent gallery - never before seen by more than, IDK, 5 people? I think I'm over 12,000 photos on the site now. And I think 47 videos of me. BTW, part 4 (of 4) of the latest video chain posts soon, then goodbye #3 (which I think might be hotter than 4). So maybe join soon? BTW, what did you all think of the Oscars? Message me!


2/18/12 - Calling Aspiring Models!

I'm still looking for hot models to get their start right here at my site! It is a ridiculously amazing chance for aspiring adult models to get worldwide exposure, and possibly your own feature sites! Guys - pass this on to gals you know. Gals - contact us through the contact tab. If you want this, there will be few better chances to break in.


2/11/12 - Next Two Vids (omg)

The next two are off the charts. Things have been building toward this. #3 is live, but once #4 goes live, #3 is gone. It's a good time to join. Trust me. Not to mention there are still almost 12,000 Rita photos, and more than 45 Rita videos! Yeah, I guess I started talking/writing in third party tense! My high school English teacher would KILL me! :)


2/5/12 - Vid #2 - Go Giants!

In honor of the upcoming Giants win (big grin), Video 2 of the new vid is live. 1 is gone, and I'll be posting about a dozen rather quickly of my fave gal, but these are special. Really. These turn quite, um, well you decide the right word. And remember, Eli > Tom! <3


2/1/12 - Ridiculously Hot Vid(s) - Take Note!

Take a break from the pics and check out the first of about a dozen or so new vids of someone you know very well. This isn't even the hottest. They get hotter, but don't miss any. Because once the new one posts, the previous one goes away. Maybe time to get off the fence and join my site? ;) <3 Rita


1/28/12 - New Pics 

More from the latest, unreleased gallery is now live. And to add yet another Seinfeld reference... "They're real, and they're spectacular!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. Love that episode! ;) You decide!!!!!


1/20/12 - Seinfeld Gang Discusses Republicans 

The site where I wrote my first sex advice column (and still contribute) just posted an article where the Seinfeld gang discuss the current Republican Candidates. It's pretty funny. Check it out, especially if you are a Seinfeld fan!  Click > Sein-Crap


1/10/12 - New Gallery and New Display 

More "new year" changes - the new gallery just posted features an all new gallery layout that makes it easier to move between photos. The first of the new changes to my site this year. The next COULD include you, if you are an aspiring adult model that might want to appear on my site! Speak up and let the world see what you are all about! ;)


1/3/12 - Calling All Aspiring Adult Models 

It's a new year, and I want to help you be seen! This site gets amazing traffic, including modeling and entertainment insiders! Here is your chance to be seen, and to work DIRECTLY with me and my team! Reach out to us via the "Contact Us" tab and click "Interested Models." Maybe we will all see YOU on this site soon. 


1/1/12 - Halloween Gallery Live 

I figured New Years Day was the perfect day to debut my new Halloween gallery! Yeah, I like to think outside the box! ;) Also, a new preview is up for the next gallery. Hope you like, and hope you realize all your dreams in 2012! 


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