12/21/11 - Trick or Treat 

Okay, I'm having Halloween in December! Yeah, I wanted the new Halloween gallery to go live in October - but I think those that do love me appreciate that I am never conventional. And the new gallery delivers yet another side of me. The first preview is to the right. Boo! ;) 


12/14/11 - Video and More 

I am sorry it has taken so long to check in. I have been super busy, including super busy preparing new content for the site. It's taking longer than I thought and I feel awful about that. But it will be worth it. For now, I posted a video that was only seen for a limited time a while back. It is titled "Backside" so you can guess where it leads. I truly love you all, and in addition to new upcoming content, expect a few surprises as well. 


11/20/11 - Reminder... 

Hey everyone! I know it seems like there has been a little less updating of the site lately, but I have been concentrating more on quality than quantity, thinking my friends would prefer this. Also, I have been adding some past items to the member site, and they are not always advertised here. Fact is, there are over 50 videos and over 12,000 photos live on the site right now, more than ever before. And that is even after some older ones were removed. Regardless, there is more coming also, but I have a feeling there is a lot undiscovered for even the longest members. Come discover me!  <3 Rita


10/30/11 - Hot Hot Hot 

Just posted, a vid of me that has been called one of my hottest by a few, not to mention the backing music vibe. It has not been seen more than a very short posting a while back. I think you'll like. And stay warm my NY friends! Maybe this vid will help.


10/15/11 - More Videos Coming 

You guys and gals have been in video mode! Okay, more on the way. BTW, anyone going to the NYC Comic Con this weekend? I'm hearing it's pretty big this year, and sold out!


10/10/11 - New Featured Vid 

Hey everyone! The new featured video is one I haven't released to many people and not for some time. It is pretty sultry, however, and perfect to help not to forget summer! ;)


9/25/11 - Doubleheader Today! 

Slight change of plans brings about two new updates for members today! As promised, the rest of the Maliah Michel gallery, which is still getting some national buzz, and a ridiculously hot video of my fave gal. It is that hot!! It's a nice time to come aboard, as I am not able to keep all these things live indefinitely. Keep tweeting! Much <3, Rita


9/18/11 - Next Two 

The next two are the rest of the Maliah Michel gallery which is almost ready to post, then a new featured video of yours truly. BTW, are you all ready for late summer/early fall weather after a scorching summer?! It will feel soooo nice!


9/4/11 - Video 

The new featured video is one I haven't shown or released for some time. But as part of a Maliah sandwich, hah, I chose it because I always thought I looked good in, and out, of black. You decide!


8/25/11 - Maliah Michel Live 

This is the first time I have gotten national publicity for my photography! Several national publications have picked up the news of my photo and video shoot of the red-hot Maliah Michel (Drake's ex, and one of the most in-demand models around). Without further adieu, I bring you the first part of the shoot. Next is a Rita video, but first... heeeere's Maliah! ;)


8/13/11 - Exciting News!! 

I got to wear another hat - Film Director - for one of the hottest, sexiest gals out there right now, Maliah Michel! She was the star, I was the director! It was action-oriented, see preview at right! Full gallery of pics I took during shoot coming soon. Can you tell I'm a little excited about this? ;)


8/6/11 - Videos 

Okay, I'm in a video sorta mood again, while I prepare the latest photo galleries. First a gal with a toy, then a fave of mine with me doing my thing, then her climaxing, then me making things very hot. Got all that? You might be tested! Start with #1. <3, me


8/2/11 - Videos Coming

Thanks everyone for the tweets! And for the nice (and nasty - grin) comments about the last gallery. Videos are coming soon, just working on final edits. I can't believe it is August already! Well at least we didn't default, right? ;)


7/17/11 - It's Live

The new gallery, that is. Hope you like the, um, shoes! ;) Tweet me!


7/15/11 - New Previews

And a new gallery of yours truly within days. Check it out, then check in! And have a great July weekend everyone! <3 RG


7/3/11 - Video Break

Take a quick break from me and check out the video part 2 of "Bed Post" and my main gal - lots of you wanted more. More me soon! Enjoy the fireworks tonight! ;)


6/20/11 - Calling all Voyeurs

The final part of the "rooftop" gallery is live. Great for voyeurs - and a nice climax!  Luv, me


6/13/11 - Yeah Mavs!!!

In honor of the great victory by the Dallas Mavericks, I bring everyone a new full-size preview of the current rooftop gallery. To be followed by part 2 of the member gallery. Celebrate with us Texas folk!


6/4/11 - Rooftop Pt. 1 Live

So yeah, I am proud of my body and don't care where I shoot pictures - even on a rooftop and balcony in pretty plain view (if people happen to be looking). I've never been the shy type! ;) Check out part 1, it's live.


6/1/11 - Another Preview

Another free preview, so get off the fence and come inside! Membership has its privileges ;)  Luv, me


5/29/11 - New Previews

One on the right for everyone, and six new ones for members only. I think members will like what I have been up to lately - and we're just getting started because I've been a bit... quiet ;)


5/27/11 - It's Rita Time

I know it's taken a while but I needed to clear a few things. Now, it's Rita time again. Lots of new "me" is coming soon, like very soon. I'm flattered that I'm still in demand! ;) Lots happening, see some of it very soon! And everyone - have a magical holiday weekend! R


5/11/11 - Bed Post Video

Featuring my favorite model! Super high quality and super super hot. A little bonus, with more to come! <3, me


5/1/11 - Two For One

I just posted some pix of guest model Nyria, and by special demand more pics of Eden - all shot by yours truly. I am working on getting mine up too! BTW, for the few who asked, my DVD is still in stock but low stock. Comes with a little bonus, and not sure when it will be back in stock when these run out. Happy May 1st!


4/24/11 - Special Preview - Nyria

Nyria is my first Guest Model! A few previews of my shoot are here: NYRIA. Members will see the entire shoot (and we mean entire ;) soon!


4/23/11 - Guest Model!

I'm excited! I know you all like some variety... and there's lots more Rita coming... but I have a guest model! I'm working on some previews right now, along with a gallery. Stay tuned...


4/8/11 - Hot

I'm sorry everyone, I am still working through my newest photo galleries. Soon, I promise. Meantime, I just posted a video that my girl Eden did for Foxes.com. I trust that ALL members will excuse my gallery lateness when they see it, and you all will probably have to sign up to everything Eden. This one is the right promotion! ;)


3/26/11 - The Climax

By popular demand, I just posted a full Eden gallery I shot of her recently, she's calling it the "climax" on her site. I hope that works for everyone! ;) And... yes, I am preparing a brand SPANKING new gallery of yours truly as we do whatever we do!  Peace, RG


3/11/11 - Almost Spring

And in honor, the member site is currently featuring what many call my hottest video ever, the ultimate suntanning video, with the usual "flair" ;) Enjoy as you move the clocks forward this weekend!


2/27/11 - Naughty Maid Teaser

I just posted a nice sampling of some Naughty Maid pics I shot of Eden. I'll even post some of naughtier ones soon. Luv you all! <3 me 


2/6/11 - Super Bowl Special

Go Texans! Shoot, they didn't make it, did they? ;) Okay... good luck to your team if it is Green Bay or the Steelers. And to make your halftime more, um, enjoyable (if you're not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas) is a video I have spotlighted for Super Bowl Sundays before. Let's keep the tradition going. Enjoy the game... AND me! 


1/27/11 - More Morning After Pics

They are live, and should whet your appetite just enough for the climaxing finale ;) Actually, these have some interesting angles, interesting fruit, and interesting skin close-ups. Tweet me! 


1/23/11 - More Pics a Comin'

And they will be worth the wait. But I may not be able to keep them up that long. So be ready! And congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Should be a good game! 


1/13/11 - Mesh

There's lots more of me coming. But lots of you wanted some new Eden. And there is plenty of both of us to spread around! ;) Check these out, then check me out next. And ladies... we are still looking for our next model! To see more Eden... www.edenevans.com


1/5/11 - Taimak!

Hello everyone! Happy 2011! More "morning after" pics coming soon, and new vids. But today, check out this blog with pics of a photo session I did with Taimak, who you might remember as the star of Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon" among many other things! :)  

See the Pics Here


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