12/25/10 - Morning After

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate! The first part of my new Morning After gallery is live. This one is shot from a slightly more candid perspective, and it gets very very close to me, and very close to my body. If you love me, you will love all parts of this one, including some very interesting angles. Have a wonderful holiday season whatever you may celebrate. I love each and every one of you!


12/22/10 - Look Right!

Look hard! ;) Yes, it's a new preview pic for one of several new galleries I am preparing to post. This pic is from a gallery I am calling "Morning After." And as the title might suggest, it is one of the sexiest photo-shoots I have done in some time. It's a big gallery - I'll release it in parts. Hope you like! <3


12/11/10 - Festivities

Hard to believe it is mid-December already. I think you all know how I feel about holidays, but it doesn't mean we can't all be festive! And being happy and healthy doesn't mean we can't get down and dirty ;) To start, I just posted some new pics I recently took of Eden. I think you will all agree she is looking mighty fine!

I still have some unopened DVD's, they make great stocking stuffers! And we are still looking for models. Luv, R


11/25/10 - Thanksgiving Video?

I promised everyone who wrote me that I would post a video on Thanksgiving. I did. Not sure why I chose this one, maybe you can tell me! But I don't think you will be disappointed ;) My love and thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life this past year, and that includes everyone reading this! <3 <3 <3 me 


11/14/10 - Eden Evans - Lollipop!

Hey everyone, I just posted a 35 picture set I shot of my girl Eden Evans. It's called "lollipop" and believe me it goes further than even what you might imagine with that title! ;) Eden is hot right now, lots of attention, and several high profile gigs!  Members - see what the buzz is all about. And gals... are you the next Eden? 


11/2/10 - Featured Video - POV

It's me, it's POV, and it's more than a home run. Call it a grand slam! ;) Happy Election Day!  


10/29/10 - Two Day Sale!!!!!!!!!

I've never done his before, but I am super proud of the galleries and vids I have shot of Eden Evans. You need to see more of her! So anyone who joins my site from now until the end of Sunday gets a free two-day pass to Eden's site as well. You need to see us both! ;)  


10/24/10 - Photography

I am loving spending as much time behind the camera as in front of it! I just shot a slew of new pics of my girl Eden Evans (preview at right - with the lemons!) and will be posting some for members soon. I'm also getting ready to shoot my newest girl, and... still lots more of me to go around!  peace - RG


10/11/10 - Oops, I did it Again!

The "it" being that I just posted ANOTHER video! What can I say, I try to listen and please ;) The other recent one is still live as well, so climb aboard. And remember to visit me on Facebook! See link a few mentions below.  R


10/1/10 - Otros?

October already! What are your plans for 10/10/10? I'm hearing some weird things people have planned! ;) Thanks to everyone for the video love! The vid causing the love (among other things - hehe) is still live! And I'll have another up soon. Come aboard! Besitos! <3 me


9/25/10 - "Home Run" Video

Okay guys and gals, some of you want more video... I just posted a "home run" video. For football fans, call it a "touchdown" video. Let's just say you will know me VERY well. If you are not a member, maybe it is time to get to know me! ;)


9/20/10 - Rita G Photography now on Facebook

I have always loved being behind the camera almost as much as being in front of it! Many pics of models on this site were taken by me. I now have a FB page for my photography business:

Rita G Photography FB


9/16/10 - DVD's BACK IN STOCK!

For those waiting... Brand new, upopened DVD's available again for a limited time. Because it has been a while, I lowered the price to $19.99 AND I am including a free bonus - a 4"x6" limited edition print of one of my most famous pics! Chosen by me! Go to the G Store, or click here!   RITA-G DVD


9/4/10 - Movie Time

The summer is not over! Disregard all the crap the major studios are putting out. Bad remakes, awful sequels... members need to check out my featured 5:40 video which says summer better than any movie in the theater! Trust me! It's ALL there! ;) Loop it like 8 times and you have a full movie. It turns ME on - nuff said! ;) Enjoy the vid, have a great rest of holiday weekend, much love <3   Rita


8/22/10 - New Additions

I have a ton of unreleased pics to post, but I've been slowed a bit getting them ready. I found some more pics from the "sail" gallery and posted them, might have a few more as well. Hope they do for now, I'm working to get the latest ones live too. Remember to check out the archives, almost 12,000 pics and videos, and a few of my fave models. I still need models for my network, just be willing to let it all rock and make it happen with me! It CAN seriously happen! Keep tweeting, Luv to all! R


8/8/10 - More Eden

I added a few more pics from the first Eden Evans gallery I shot. You will like them! More of me soon. I still need models! Hit us up!!! 


7/31/10 - Where are my Models?

We just posted a new set of pics that I personally shot on www.edenevans.com. Eden is my first and still only member of my new model network. Why the only one? Well, the next obvious model(s) just have not presented themselves to us yet! It might be you! Eden is about to take off! Contact us through the "contact" page, and I'll have more goodies soon. Much Luv! Rita 


7/17/10 - New Pics

These are truly my most recent pics. Which makes me think... I still have over 11,000 pics on the site, and like 45 videos... and I need to follow the "out with the old, in the with new" again soon. Like very soon. So this might be your last chance to see some of the oldies but VERY goodies! And they all come with a single membership. Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)  R 


7/11/10 - Viva Espana!

I'm surprised Spain never won the World Cup before. Anyway... new preview, thanks to all who have commented on the new pics! I <3 u! Now, where's my next model??? ;) 


7/3/10 - First New Gallery Live 

These are my newest pics. Hope you like, and hope you all have an explosive 4th of July! ;) 


6/26/10 - Sorry Soccer Fans... (New Previews) 

I tried to root really hard for USA, even posted the bikini video! But they gave it a nice run! So it's time for a new gallery. Previews are up. I'd describe it as classy, chic, stylish, sexy, and definitely a bit naughty. Full gallery soon. Come see?   <3<3 Rita


6/12/10 - World Cup Bonus!! 

So I was trying to figure out what bonus to give my members today in honor of the USA/England World Cup game. And I thought... an unreleased 7 min. video stripping out of a string bikini and getting even hotter than that might do the trick. You tell me, if you are a member that is! ;)


5/31/10 - More HOT Eden Evans 

As I slave over getting new RG galleries ready, I present to my amazing members a new, super hot and intimate gallery of my girl, Eden Evans. Enjoy! And girls, you could be next on my network! Stay cool everybody ;)  Rita


5/23/10 - Black Gallery Climax 

I think you will like how this gallery ends ;) Members can see it/me now. Remember my promise. I want the superfecta! Summer's coming... Tweet me!  rg


5/21/10 - This Weekend 

New content, then more new content next weekend. Have to kick off the summer right! If I get enough new members next week, we'll go for the trifecta, or for you racing fans, the superfecta! We'll see how much Rita you can handle! ;)


5/9/10 - New Rita Gallery 

Ask and ye shall receive. New sexy gallery just posted (Part 1). All Rita! ;) More soon. Luv, me


5/5/10 - New Previews on Cinco de Mayo! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Okay, for those playing along at home... we have new previews (for a killer new gallery), new video, and more new Eden Evans all coming soon. How soon? You tell me! ;) <3 Rita 


5/2/10 - New Vid Coming Soon 

Ask and you shall receive! Well, you did ask, lol. It's coming soon! Stay cool everyone ;) 


4/17/10 - New Gallery Part Deux 

New preview, new gallery. Keep Tweeting, lovers! New videos, galleries, and surprises coming soon. Oh, and since many of you have asked... more Eden! Still looking for the NEXT Eden. Is it you? 


4/4/10 - New Gallery Live 

Tweet me! And let me know what you think! I want details ;) I hope everyone is having a beautiful and loving holiday weekend!  Rita


4/1/10 - New Previews 

First gallery this weekend. But where is the next Rita G? <3 me


3/31/10 - The Next Rita G? 

Is it you? A girl you know? Now is the time! I am looking for new models to consider for my Rita G Model Network (RGMN). My first, Eden Evans, has already contracted several magazine shoots! Hit me up through the contact page!


3/30/10 - Two New Galleries Coming 

Just getting them ready. Previews soon! 


3/27/10 - Copper Video 

My copper video is live! It was shot at a pool overlooking Hollywood. It's hot, trust me! ;) And... you even get to hear my "Texas drawl"... for real! A lot of everything here! <3 rita 


3/21/10 - Happy Spring! 

I hope everyone is welcoming spring with exciting March Madness, and beautiful weather! I also hope you are showing some love for my new girl Eden. More Eden, and more Rita, coming soon!   g 


3/13/10 - Big News - Rita G. Model Network 

I have finally officially launched my own model network! While there is plenty more RITA coming, I am now working with new models that I discover, photograph, and help with their careers. I am finally presenting my first model, Eden Evans! We have a full gallery in the members section, and two previews to the right. Want more Eden? Go to her official site! www.edenevans.com


3/6/10 - New Gallery 

The first part of the new gallery is live. More of this "black lingerie" gallery coming soon. As is the first pictorial anywhere of my new model discovery! Including all pics taken by me! Lots happening, have a great weekend everybody! <3 me 


3/3/10 - Previews  

Finally! ;) The first two previews from my latest gallery are at the right. Hope you like! Gallery coming any day now. The more you tweet me, the faster I go! kisses! 


2/28/10 - Tweet Me!  

Are you following me on Twitter yet? Please follow me! http://twitter.com/therealritag. It's a great way to connect with me, keep up on things important to me, and I've been giving some hints about some new surprises coming to this site! 


2/20/10 - New Video  

I still have a bunch of unreleased galleries coming. Soon, I promise! And while we purge some older galleries and videos, new ones AND NEW BONUSES are coming in the next couple of weeks. Until then, here's a new video. I hope you like coral! If not, you will ;)  hugs, me


2/8/10 - Last Call!!!!!  

Lots of cool things coming soon - including a new "feature" (features?) I think everyone will like! But with so much new stuff coming, I decided it was time to purge (retire) some of the older pics and videos. It's time, since I have over 11,000 photos and 45 vids. I will start retiring some slowly in a few days. So this is LAST CALL to see EVERYTHING, lots of new ones coming soon! <3  And congrats to the Saints!!!


2/5/10 - Tiara Now...Rita Soon  

I posted a few more pics I just took of Tiara, because I think she is so hot! And from the feedback, I'm not alone! I'm also preparing a bunch of new pics of me, and I have a VERY special surprise coming in about a week or so. Intrigued? You better be! ;)


1/31/10 - HOTTT New Video!  

Actually, the first of many unreleased videos that I will be posting! I called it "pink" and you will see why... trust me, it is hot! ;) Also, tons of pics, NEWS, and more me AND hot gals! 2010 is gonna be huge!  G


1/26/10 - I Need an Intern!  

You know you want to work for me right? ;) I need someone with scary good graphics skills. Unpaid, but can be for college credits, or possible future project work. But imagine the experience working for ME! Priceless! (biggg smile). Reply here and make me pick you!


1/17/10 - Trailer  

Hey everyone! I hope you all like the new trailer! If so, leave comments! I've been busy photographing - I can't believe how much joy and satisfaction I get helping to bring out the best in people! I will be sharing lots of my work soon, so I hope you like it as well! Go Jets! ;)  kisses, me


1/3/10 - New Video  

Happy 2010! Did you make any resolutions? If you didn't, we all should. Meantime, I came across an unreleased video clip, and titled it "Lipstick" for members. Cherry ;) let's pop the cork to a great year! Luv, kisses, R


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