12/25/08 - Merry Christmas

I've never been big on holidays, but I wanted to wish a Happy Christmas to my friends that ARE big in it! I posted a couple of new previews for an upcoming gallery. Hope you like! Love you all!   The "G"


12/16/08 - Playboy Morning Show Wednesday!!!!!!

I'm going to be on Sirius Radio's Playboy Morning Show tomorrow morning, Wednesday 12/17, from 7AM to 11AM. I also think they rerun it throughout the day so here is a link to the page. Please listen in!!!!!!!!!!



12/14/08 - More New Pics

Are live. The rest of the super cool Old Chevy Truck gallery. Hope you like! ;) And hope everyone is staying warm!   G


12/1/08 - New Gallery

I just posted the first gallery from the new set of pics. You gotta love old cars and trucks! This one is American-made! ;) I'm going to be the featured gallery on AskMen.com this week as well, and also on Fox Sports website, so I'll try and let you know when they are live. Would love it you'd go there and show me some love?    me <3


11/26/08 - Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! ;) I just posted a couple of previews from the next gallery which is coming very soon, and thanks for all the amazing comments on my MySpace page! G news coming soon... for now, peace and love!    rita


11/16/08 - The "Marilyn Monroe" Video

Here it is! The video shoot where I sort of transformed myself into Marilyn! I'm also going to make a couple of signed, limited edition 8x10's available from this shoot. Hope you like ;)    me

The "Marilyn" (Rita) Video


11/9/08 - 4th Part of Gallery Live

You know me, I rarely post this many pics of galleries, but I just really wanted to show them all. I think this gallery with Sapphira is erotic, artistic, and pretty darned hot! And please remember to read my latest column at AskMen.com, and if find it in your heart... send in a comment to that site! ;)  Luv ya!   RG


10/30/08 - Vote for My Friend!

Hey everyone, one of my really good friends is trying to win a contest on Trashy Girls.com, and she needs our help! Please be a friend, and vote for her! You'll be glad you did! ;)   G



10/28/08 - 3rd Part of Gallery Live

So we're actually going four parts on this one, hope you don't mind! ;) BTW, what are you all dressing up as for Halloween? Send me some pics of your costumes to my My Space page! Entertain me!     luv - me


10/18/08 - 2nd Part of Gallery Live

Just in time for, well, I guess the weekend! New pics! New gallery! And if you haven't yet, please check out my AskMen column and send me feedback there!    G


10/12/08 - Hot New 8x10's

I just added a couple of hot new 8x10's that I'm signing - check out the the "G" Store!   Luv ...  RG


10/9/08 - My New "AskMen.com" Sex Column is LIVE

Straight from Rita's mouth to your eyes and ears! ;) AskMen is the world's #1 men's portal, and I'm truly honored that they think enough of me, and my writing, to feature my column! Check it out! Sex Q&A With Rita G


10/6/08 - Who's the Hottie?

Sorry, a lot of friends have asked who the hottie is in the new gallery with me. It is the one and only Sapphira Chanel! Kudos to the couple of people who recognized her! ;)


10/5/08 - New Gallery is Live

Hey Loves! The first part of the new gallery is super live! Sorry it took so long to get started, but I promise it will heat up, and I brought along a friend! Keep an eye out for some neat member stuff soon!    peace, me :)


9/25/08 - "Black Men" Magazine Previews!

Check out the two new previews to the right and CLICK THEM!!! You'll see lots more when you click... ;) Then get your ass out to a newsstand to see even more!  Luv ya!   G


9/21/08 - "Black Men" Magazine

I've heard from a few sources that my new feature in "Black Men" Magazine is out! You'll see me mentioned on the cover, and honestly, the pics are some of the best I have ever taken. I really think you'll be pleased, as I am!


9/17/08 - New Gallery Live

It's small, but very select. Hope you like it! BTW, I made it through hurricane Ike! Who needs things like water, and electricity anyway! ;) Thanks to those who asked!    The "G"


9/8/08 - Ready to Get Creamy?

The final Whipped Cream gallery pics are live, so this is the time to see just how edible my body can be ;) And you might have noticed a few new previews. That's the next gallery. Small but very select. What did you think of the VMA's?        rg


9/2/08 - AskMen Update

More pics, and the new gallery coming soon. Meantime, I just finished my next Sex Advice column for AskMen.com, and it should be live soon. I wanted to mention that one of the answers I gave was directly related to a conversation I recently had with a member (I really do call members when I can, or when I am intrigued by what they write me). If that member reads this, and realizes he's the one, write me - I have a special little something just for you!    Kisses, G


8/24/08 - Previews

I decided to post a couple of new previews. Hope you like. Trust me that this next gallery is all me ;)


8/23/08 - New Pics

So on the same day Obama and Biden make their first appearance together, I bring you the 2nd part of the whipped cream gallery. No real analogy there, just being topical I guess ;) There will be a part III, then I am already working on getting the next gallery live. I don't want to give to much away until the previews, but we will definitely be going a bit down under with that gallery! Enjoy the glorious weekend, and keep writing me!    The "G"


8/18/08 - My First Auction

I was doing a promotion, and it turned into signing every page of my photo shoot in the June King Magazine, along with three photos (like the preview ones to the right) all together, then the promotion didn't happen. I wasn't sure what to do with it, and a friend suggested the fairest way to give it to someone who would appreciate it would be an auction. So there it is. Maybe nobody will bid, maybe they will. Maybe I'll do some others down the road if this works out. Remember to visit me at MySpace, leave comments, and LMK how your summer is going! I read every message and every comment! RG


8/5/08 - New Gallery

The first part is finally LIVE! Hope you like...   peace, me


8/3/08 - Coming Soon

I'm back home, again! And will be getting right back to business. The new, highly edible gallery is coming very soon. You'll like it. And, I'm about to offer my first auction item! A one-of-a-kinder. Meantime, do sign up for my mailing list, and visit me at MySpace also! Back soon.  G


7/26/08 - New Video is Live

Me, on a raft, middle of summer, enjoying myself. Hope you like the premise. Check out the vid, and also check out the new gallery previews. Things are heating up again ;)   rg


7/20/08 - Another New Vid Coming Soon

The lazy days of summer are here, sorry I haven't been around as much as I'd like to be. Busy, busy, busy. All good. But I'm trying to make up for it with killer videos. The last one is still live, and by the number of views, is still pretty popular! ;) The next one fits right into summer - see the preview still to the right, from part of the vid before I get a little more, um, serious! Keep liking the vids, and I'll be around a lot more soon!   G


7/12/08 - New Preview

The new video is still playing (and playing, and playing... ;) Meantime, a new preview is up. Yes, that is a can of whipped cream...


7/3/08 - Kaboom!

It's live. Join NOW! ;)


6/28/08 - Fireworks

The new video will produce them, so reserve your spot now! It will be live before the 4th, but not sure for how long. Believe me, it will produce more fireworks for you than anything you'll see in the sky!   The "G"


6/21/08 - The Remaining Pics, and a Teaser

The last King video pics are live. But here's my teaser - my hottest video ever. It's coming soon, free for members. This one blows the... well, you'll want this one. Trust me. Soon. ;)     Rita to the G


6/17/08 - New Rita G. Column on AskMen.com!

My third syndicated sex advice column! First E-Crap, then Playboy, now the #1 Men's website and portal, AskMen.com! Make sure you check it out, and vote me high ratings! Make the 5 million monthly readers realize they have to listen to me! ;)


6/8/08 - New Pics from my Stash!

More from my Flashing Lights King magazine shoot, that were all taken with my own personal camera. Stay cool!  G-Cool


6/6/08 - Sirius Radio Interview

More new pics from the Flashing Lights shoot gallery coming this weekend, but first listen to the two links below. They are an interview I did last week for Sirius Radio's Lip Service. You will hear the real Rita G, and I don't hold back when I discuss men, women, sex, masturbation, and a bunch more. I even edited them just for you! ;)    G

Lip Service Part I

Lip Service Part II


5/28/08 - You are the First to Know!!!

I'm on my way to NYC for Hot 97 Summer Jam 2008 Sunday, June 1st @ 6:30PM (Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands in NJ) where I will be RECREATING THE FLASHING LIGHTS VIDEO live on stage with Kanye West!!!!! If you are in the area, there are tix available! It is not to be missed! In addition to Kanye, others performing include Rihanna, T-Pain, Public Enemy, many more! Ticket Info


5/23/08 - New Gallery Live

Just in time for the unofficial start of summer! Enjoy, and stay tuned for some potentially very cool news next week, especially if you're in the NYC area... ;)   peace, luv, me


5/16/08 - Behind the Scenes - Flashing Lights!

All of these pics in the upcoming gallery were taken with my very own camera! They are behind the scenes of my recent KING Magazine shoot, which expanded further on my role in Kanye's "Flashing Lights" video. Definitely a must-see for all fans of the video, and performance! ;)  "G"


5/12/08 - AskMen.com

I'm the FEATURED GALLERY at AskMen.com this week. This is the #1 most popular men's website/portal! Check it out ;)  R


5/9/08 - Sling(less)

We just posted the rest of the Sling gallery, now known as Sling(less) for obvious reasons. More soon, enjoy the weekend! And the recent vid is still live...  Sling-R


5/3/08 - Partner With Me!



5/1/08 - It's Back!

Every year around this time, to commemorate the start of the summer and beach season, I bring back one of my hottest, steamiest, sexiest, sweatiest, and nastiest videos of me sunbathing. Licensing issues limit the time I have it up for viewing, but it's back. Catch it now, but not for too long. Hopefully it makes you remember what warm weather is really all about! ;)  - R


4/27/08 - New Pics

It's been a month, hasn't it! The King Magazine (see right) is on stands - if you liked my work in the "Flashing Lights" vid, you MUST pick up this mag. I won't say more... I'm getting orders as fast as I can, thanx for being patient. New features ARE coming soon.  kisses, r


4/20/08 - On Tour With Kanye...and New Gallery

It's been quite a week! I'm sort of "on tour" with Kanye (will tell more when I return), my big KING Magazine article hits stands this week, and I just posted the first part of the new "sling" gallery, which I think you all will like ;)   much luv, Rita


4/13/08 - New Galleries and More

We just posted 70 new pics from the last gallery, pretty much ALL "money shots"... if you catch my drift! I also posted new previews of the upcoming gallery. Look for my spread in KING Magazine April 22 (my name is big on the cover) where I re-enact the "Flashing Lights" video and more! And if you haven't already signed on to be a team member, remember this link! Peace, me ... RITA G AFFILIATE INFO.



I finally have my affiliate program set up! Not only can you help me by telling people about me, but you can get paid for it! See how you can make $120K or more by clicking the link! AND, the most successful ones will have the chance to work with me PERSONALLY as part of my true promotions team! If you're successful, why wouldn't I want you? ;) ... RITA G AFFILIATE INFO.


3/30/08 - XXL Magazine, and Playboy Mansion

Webmaster's Note: Rita is spending the weekend at the Playboy Mansion for the famous lingerie party and Playboy Golf outing. Meantime the new XXL Magazine (shown on this page) is on the stands, with Rita as this month's "Eye Candy." Please pick up a copy! We're still waiting for XXL to update their site here ... XXL MAG.


3/22/08 - Unreleased Gallery!

This is a first - a gallery available in its entirety for download first. Members, expect 60 or so more pics from this 165 photo set to be added to the site this weekend... DOWNLOAD.


3/19/08 - Special Video for NON-MEMBERS!

Just for the fence-sitters, and for a limited time, I just made one of my hottest videos available for immediate download for only $4.99!... VIDEO DOWNLOAD.


3/18/08 - Rita-G Download Site is Back!

I only have two sets to download right now, but will be adding more for you a la carte kinda guys and gals... check out the merch page or go to this link, show me some love and download me now! ;)... DOWNLOADS.


3/15/08 - New Video!

A new video remix called "Slingshot" ;) is now available for all my faithful members so gander in this weekend! And I'm hearing the new edition of XXL Magazine with my feature might be hitting the streets early, like even now! So check it out, G Unit is on the cover, and pick up a copy, soon to be a collector's item!... XXL MAG.


3/8/08 - Maxim Radio Interview (Sirius) Monday!

Along with the first pics now live from the new gallery, you MUST tune in Monday 3/10 at 12:30PM EDT when I will be interviewed on Maxim Sirius Radio. Here's the link because even if you don't have satellite radio you can still listen online!... MAXIM RADIO.


3/2/08 - Upcoming Gallery and Lots of G News

I'm excited that I'm releasing almost 200 additional pics from the gallery previewed to the right! It's been a favorite since the first pics were released, and I'm also planning to offer the entire gallery a la carte for download soon. Also this week, I'm shooting my first national cover (more news soon), and watch for me on BET's "Rip the Runway" Tuesday night (10PM EDT). And here's a link to an interview I did for top HipHop station Hot 97... INTERVIEW.


2/26/08 - Main Page of Playboy.com!

My feature is finally up. Go there now, not sure how long I'll be featured on the main page, which is very exciting! They also included some hot new pics they shot of me recently! The direct link to the feature is HERE.


2/24/08 - New Pics Posted

Finally, the last part of the current gallery is live and I think we end this gallery with a bang! Also, we're getting some inquiries about orders being placed. DVD's ship fast, but some of the personal items take longer. But they're worth the wait so bare with me! ;) More coming soon!  G


2/20/08 - More News

Look for a Rita-G special feature on www.playboy.com tomorrow! Also, I'll be wearing a special outfit designed by Nelly's brand Apple Bottom at the BET Fashion Showcase. And, I'll be shooting a VERY special layout for King Magazine. More on that soon. And... you can see I made the current "most famous pic on the Internet" available as a signed 8x10. If you're wondering why it is so famous, Google me and you'll find out. BTW, I love to be Googled! ;)    G


2/19/08 - Rita on BET Fashion Show!

I've been invited to walk the red carpet at Thursday night's BET's "Rip the Runway" Fashion Showcase in NYC! The show will air on BET March 2 at 9PM. The Executive Producer is Sean "Diddy" Combs. Find out what designer I wear! ;)


2/16/08 - Fan Mail!

So, yeah, ever since the Kanye West video went live, the publicity has been insane (MTV News, MTV Buzzworthy, Inside Edition, Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork Media, etc).  I've inherited a whole new fan base! And some of them have been kind enough to write me e-mails! Here's one to share because maybe I am feeling a bit worthless and alone...

"Wow! It's sad that that's what you think it takes to earn money. Please pick up a bible and read John 3:16.  No man or woman can enter the kingdom of Heaven except through Jesus Christ.  He gave His life so that you can have an abundant life without having to resort to selling your undergarments.  I came across your picture on a website talking about Kanye West.  I'm glad I no longer have school aged children in a time where people can offer such things in the comfort of your own home.  This is out of love Ms. Rita.  Seek Him the next time you are feeling worthless and alone. Peace."


2/13/08 - "Flashing Lights" Video Premiered Today!

Have you seen it yet? BET has premiered it, and it's all over the web! Just do a Google search on Flashing Lights video and you'll find it. LMK what you think! And remember after you see it... don't mess with Rita G! ;)

  2/9/08 - New Gallery, and Video Rumor


So it looks like the "Flashing Lights" video will premiere on BET this coming Monday. I guess Kanye could not get it out in time for the Grammy's. Then it should be everywhere after that!

Meantime, while we are all waiting for the vid, here are some new previews and I also just posted a new gallery of similar pics. Enjoy, and keep an ear and eye out for the Kanye vid!   R


2/5/08 - BIG NEWS!!! I'm Starring in Kanye West's New Music Video!!!!!!!

It's been an absolute whirlwind week! The Giants won the Super Bowl, Super Tuesday, and now I can finally announce my BIG news! Late last week, Kanye West personally chose me to star (the only female!) in his new video for the song "Flashing Lights!" We shot it in one day with a crew of some of the top people in the music video industry, and it turned out to be like a mini-movie! Kanye loved the final product so much that he is rushing it out to broadcast so that it can debut before this coming weekend's Grammy Awards! So anytime now, you're going to see my music video acting debut! And I do act!!!!! Lots more to tell about the shoot, the after-shoot parties, and the whole weekend, but I wanted you all to be the first to know about this. It's been very tight-lipped! WATCH FOR IT SOON!!!!!!!!   Rita


2/2/08 - Naked! Video

We need some "Naked" in honor of the Super Bowl! Naked is the last of the remix videos and shows more than 5 minutes of some of my steamiest, most intimate moments as hinted at through the title. All naked, all Rita! Enjoy the game, Go Big Blue, and more of the new gallery coming this week!
Rita G(iants)


1/27/08 - New Gallery, and Music (CD) Pick

Okay, the first gallery section is live, and begging to be seen by you! I also want to give a rare CD shout out (no, not "Rita-Bowl Shuffle"), my friend Travis Tooke who used be on Epic Records with the bands For Squirrels and Subrosa just released his first solo CD. Just the release of this CD after like a decade is an amazingly inspirational story, and he still rocks! Check it out at www.travistookemusic.com and tell me what you think after you hear it!   R

  1/24/08 - The Rita-Bowl Shuffle

  "I'm not here to cause no trouble, I'm just here to do the Rita-Bowl shuffle"

I'm not sure whether to kiss the person who sent me my own Super Bowl song, or to have him committed! But... Go Big Blue!

Here are two more previews until the real show begins soon. Did I mention they expand? :)


1/19/08 - Saturday Night Pics

The remainder of the last gallery is officially live. I'm glad to hear that a lot of you are looking forward to the next gallery which I recently previewed with EXPANDABLE previews!!!! I accentuate that for certain friends who couldn't wait for the full gallery! Geez, I haven't been called a tease since... never mind!    hearts, g

  1/17/08 - And They Expand! ;)
  I owe you all one more video remix, and the very hot conclusion to the last gallery... but I wanted a time-out to show a couple of previews from the next gallery AND in response to many of you writing me, to make them expand to full previews! See, I do listen and I can be obedient! ;) 

More soon!  R


1/11/08 - So Hot and Spicy, it Requires a Legal Waiver?

So I just read about this tavern in Chicago that uses a pepper sauce on its wings that is so hot they require customers to sign a waiver stating they will not sue them for injuries! The sauce is made from Red Savina pepper, so those of you who are aching for the hottest possible wings, you might want to check it out. This got me thinking... I do have some of the hottest galleries and videos forthcoming, certainly a LOT hotter than Red Savina pepper, but for now, we'll continue with an "enter at your own risk" philosophy! Speaking of which, the rest of the new gallery is on deck.      hot smooches, rita

  1/5/08 - More Previews and DVD News

  Two more previews from the new gallery. Thanks for the nice comments! And I was just made aware that DVD's were out of stock for a couple of weeks, but we are restocked again! So if you are waiting, expect it this week. I can't thank you all enough for making my DVD one of the best selling of its kind on the 'net! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it ;)   R

1/1/08 - Happy 2008!

I hope 2008 is the greatest year ever for every one of my friends, which means everyone reading this! I just know it's going to be great year. So let me get it started with the first half of the new gallery, which I titled "Honey." I assure you that the complete gallery contains a couple of "Kodak moments" for lack of a better term - I think you'll understand when you see them. More soon! I hope you're still celebrating a great new year!     Luv, me

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