12/30/07 -  My Dog Ate It?

Sorry, I have good excuses for not posting these previews earlier (out of town, PC problems, etc.) but hopefully you'll find they were worth the wait. The full galleries are coming soon, and like I alluded to weeks ago, so are some very excited changes to the site, and some amazing special things! So hang in there with me because you know what a great team we make!

Kisses and more... Rita

12/23/07 -  Think About It

The Rita Remix Video tour continues with one more before the holidays. This one is a longer vid set to "Think About It" of some of the shorter shower vids that have been among the most viewed at my site. There's a reason for that title choice, and it gets very close, super intimate, and highly steamy... Tell me what ya think!   R

12/20/07 -  Miami

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so quiet. I've been in Miami working on a little independent film. Nothing like the holidays in South Beach - not quite the way most would picture them! Back soon.    Cheers, R

12/15/07 -  New Vid Remix

Okay, the remixed "role play" vid is live. And a big thanks to everyone for the nice words about these remixed vids! Kind of a neat way to end the year, and lead into the amazing things that you'll see in '08!       luv, me

12/12/07 -  New Vid Coming

A new video is on the way, I promise. Just wanted to throw another preview from the recent gallery up here for your perusal, and approval. I know this is a busy time of the year, but i wanted to thank everyone for continuing to visit me online in numbers that tell me I'm still doing something right! ;)  

Here's another preview...   luv, R

12/6/07 -  A Bigger Tease

By popular demand, I posted the rest of this gallery. The videos can wait.     kisses, "g"

12/2/07 -  A Little Tease

For my friends... I just posted ten of the hottest pics from the gallery previewed below. Something to hold you over until the rest shows up, and until the next hot video this week. ;)

11/28/07 -  In-between Videos

Taking a short break from the videos - more coming soon - to give a preview of an upcoming small but very select gallery. A few of the pics in this one are among my faves of the year. It all just clicked when they were shot. Anyone out there watch "Project Runway?" I do, and I think this is going to be a good season!     RG

11/22/07 -  in·sa·tia·ble

Definition: incapable of being satisfied or appeased... I have so many reasons for naming the new video "insatiable" but just read the definition and use your imagination. Enjoy it, and enjoy your Turkey Day! I'll do the same :)     luv, rita

11/19/07 -  Some Quick Updates

Another new vid is coming this week. I'm also busy at work on many exciting upcoming site features, including a site redesign, webcam chat, and the next Win-a-Date with Rita contest! And this is just for starters. Trust me that there's never been a better time to join!   Your R

11/12/07 -  First New Video Remix is Live

I'm actually going to be posting more than "a couple" of new video remixes.  What can I say, I'm in a video mode. These are longer, and hotter, than previous ones! Because I think "out with the old, in with the new" is often good, I'm going to be cleaning out some older videos, so this might be your last shot at seeing some of the vintage ones! But if you insist on seeing them, or because you need more of me... hurry up! ;) The first new remixed one is previewed in the pics!   R   

11/10/07 -  Remix Vids Coming Soon

My good friend Lola remixed a couple of my hottest videos and I'm going to be making them available to all of you. Sorry I was MIA, but I never stop working - trying to get a few things squared away that I've been working on. Then Monday is a sort-of holiday, so the first of the cool remixed videos will be live before the end of the long weekend. Might be for a limited time so don't be late, Kate (or Tate?).       much luv, rita

11/4/07 -  Cuatro

Seldom is a gallery worthy of a 4th segment, but I think this one might be. I came across a whole bunch more from the same shoot (minus the pop-pom's... and everything else) so on this first weekend of November, may they be just the answer to another parity-filled NFL Sunday! ;)        Kisses... me

10/31/07 -  Happy Halloween!

I always loved this holiday, just something about the theatrics, and seeing everyone dressed up, young and old. I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did. 

Here's another preview...   R

10/28/07 -  I'm All Wet...

In some of the new pics just posted. It's Part tres of the Pom Pom gallery, but the pom pom's are long gone, along with the outfit. It's just me. ;)

10/25/07 -  I Was Selected for Playboy's "Hot Shots 2008!"

I cannot tell you how honored I am to be included in Playboy's "Hot Shots 2008!" This "best of the best" includes an absolute who's who of top Playboy models. While I didn't make the cover, I don't feel slighted when someone like Cindy Margolis gets the nod. Again, it's an amazing collection of gals (and photos) and one you need for your collection! Check it out by clicking on the cover photo, and let me know what you think of my "spread"... ;)

The very happy and excited Rita "Hot Shot 2008" G!

10/21/07 -  Sunday Plans?

Today's not a great NFL day, so here's my suggestion to you: Go catch a matinee of "Across The Universe" (it gets the Rita G. seal of approval), eat a nice dinner, then settle in with me, and my new gallery, tonight! There's something for everyone, whatever your mood ;)      From your favorite weekend planner... Rita

10/17/07 -  25 Million Pounds?

So I hear Paul McCartney is settling his divorce case with Heather Mills for a reported 25 million pounds. How much is that in dollars? If I did my math correctly, it's only about 6% of his total fortune. But probably enough to keep yours truly happen for at least a year or two! If she got 25, I would have gotten 50! ;)

Luvingly, Rita 

10/14/07 -  New Retro Gallery Live

I'm only calling it retro because it's not my newest, but it is most definitely all Rita! Actually, as this gallery further develops, it sort of steals a descriptive phrase from MTV (or is it VH1)... All Access! ;)   kisses... r

10/11/07 -  Oldie But Goodie

Yes, an oldie but most definitely a goodie! A diamond (or a couple of diamonds) in the rough, so to speak. And I even bring out the pom poms, just for you!

Tell me about your weekend plans, visit me on My Space, and befriend me!       peace and hugs, R 

10/7/07 -  They're Real...and They're Spectacular!

Saw that great Seinfeld episode the other night with Teri Hatcher when Jerry was dating her and he was convinced she had breast implants. He sends Elaine into the steam room to check her out! Well guess what? Ask me the same question, and I can give the same answer ;) And if anyone ever need convincing, I just posted a new gallery which will nicely prove my argument! Enjoy! BTW, what's YOUR favorite Seinfeld episode?      Ritaaa

10/3/07 -  More...

So, do I have your undivided attention yet? 

My new approach... let the pictures speak for themselves. ;)

Until later... GGG 

9/30/07 -  Convincing?

So were the previews below convincing enough to come inside? Well, the gallery is live and it only gets better. I might put another preview up this week, but do I really need to? ;)  RG

9/29/07 -  Blind Trust?

Not to preach, but please stop by my My Space page sometime and check out my blogs. I'm trying to create some awareness about very important issues. Let's discuss!  R

9/27/07 -  New Gallery Previews

There has always been something sexy about the color orange, right? Well, even if you don't agree, I hope I can change your mind! May you never look at an orange the same way again! ;)

peace.. me

9/23/07 -  Here They Are

Sorry I've been so quiet regarding my life! There are some very exciting things happening so please "bare" with me :)  For now, hopefully these new, very chic pics will enable you to forgive me. And for those who have written that I might not have gotten back to yet, we have another printing of the DVD's in stock! And they still come with an added bonus, so order away. Great stocking stuffers for the holidays... buy early! ;)    R to the G

9/19/07 -  Last Preview

And here they are, in full color! I'm not sure what else I can do for you fence-sitters outside of showing up at your door! And I might just do that... remember, I do randomly call members so you never know.   R

9/16/07 -  Video is Live

This is one of my earliest videos. I've posted some from this shoot but never this one. This seems more raw. Wait until you see how I looked - it wasn't THAT long ago. But it is "juicy" nonetheless ;)   Until later, Rita

9/13/07 -  New Old Vid Coming Soon

So I came across an old video never posted. I had hoped to have it up on the site this week, and I may still. Just a heads up to look for it soon, along with more pics from the latest gallery.   hugs, me

9/9/07 -  New Pics Live

Hey guys... as the NFL season hits full speed today, I have a question for you, and it relates to a conversation I had the other night with a friend - would you rather have a woman that likes and shares her love of football with you, or a woman that doesn't and lets you enjoy the games by yourself or with friends? As you ponder my question of the day, check out the new gallery. Perfect halftime entertainment!    QB Rita

9/6/07 -  More Previews

Two more previews from the upcoming gallery. For all you deep-thinkers out there, like me! ;) Summer's pretty much over so now we need to get serious, right? How do YOU get serious? E-me!   R

9/2/07 -  Taking it Literally!

I almost took Labor Day too literal - I meant to have the final installment of the latest gallery live yesterday, but I became a Labor Day holiday slacker! Fear not, it's now live! And it's spectacular! ;)   Enjoy the rest of the holiday!   Luv, me

8/30/07 -  Tease

Just a little tease from an upcoming gallery.

And speaking of teasing... which do you like better - my hat or my shoes? ;)    Luv, your "G" force

8/25/07 -  Brand Spanking New Pics Live

Keep the kids away, folks. Rita G's on the loose, both live and print, and I'm headed to the pool to cool off! Many hot, steamy kisses to all!

8/22/07 -  Last Preview

May this be enough proof that you NEED to see more ;) Some cool news on the way about my return to the Playboy Mansion, and some other Hollywood news. But first, we have some unfinished business...   peace, me

8/18/07 -  New Pics Live!

As promised. Just in time for the weekend. This was a very fun gallery to pose for, as you will see throughout the entire 'body' of gallery installments (no pun intended!)    Luv, Rita

8/15/07 -  See 2 More Previews Now...

And a lot more this weekend... and remember, seeing is believing ;)    R

8/12/07 -  New Steamy, Sexy Pics Live

The final part of the latest gallery, the perfect cure for a lazy, hot August evening. And it serves as a good lead-in to the next gallery which I think is even hotter. Kisses, and lots of sweat... ;)   The "G"

8/8/07 -  Preview

This is the first of several previews of the next gallery. Only a handful of people have seen it, but most agree that it might be my hottest gallery ever. Why? You'll have to find out for yourself! But I still owe you the 3rd part of the last gallery, which gets ever steamier. Soon!       Luv, RG 

8/4/07 -  Rita's Broadway Debut Video!!!

OK, not really, but if you ever wondered what I would look like singing and dancing on the Great White Way, here's your chance to see it. I previewed it on my MySpace page, but now you can see the full video in much bigger and better quality. It's a very big file so it will take a few minutes for it to load, but it will be worth the wait! Just let it download, go do something, come back, and enjoy! And I'm not going to have it live more than a week, so this is another one of those "Hallmark Moments" when it is ripe to join!   Stay cool!  R

7/29/07 -  Second Part of Gallery Live

And it turns up the heat! There are a few different positional shots that photographed very well. LMK which ones you liked the best!     Many hugs, Rita

7/25/07 -  More Previews

A few more previews. The 2nd part of the gallery will be posted soon. This is a rare 3-parter. But I think you'll especially like the 2nd and 3rd parts!

Anybody read Harry Potter yet? ;)   R

7/21/07 -  New Gallery Live

What a beautiful weekend! Get outside - find some water, ride a bike, hike a trail, picnic, whatever floats your boat. Unless of course you have a boat, then float that! And whenever you decide to take a break, check out the first part of my new summer 2007 gallery. I'll have a few more previews soon for all the non-believers (or non-members) so hopefully I can change your mind. But what are you doing reading this? Get outside, and come and see me later!   Rita

7/17/07 -  New Previews

This is the going to be the gallery for all my friends that have e-mailed me asking for a hot, steamy, sexy, sweaty, and highly intimate summer gallery. Geez, I sound like an Old Spice commercial! ;) And for those kind enough to ask, I just received a new shipment of DVD's so order away!!!   R

7/14/07 -  Short Candid Vid Live

This is the most candid vid I have ever shot. Was hanging in a hotel pool recently and we decided to film a short piece of me in the pool. Since people keep e-mailing to include anything personal, I decided to post it. And I'll be posting previews of the next gallery (might be tough to find legitimate previews here - if you catch my drift) and I'm also working on uploading a longer vid.  The "G" Force

7/11/07 -  A Few More Previews

So how was 7-7-7 day for you? Mine was actually pretty ordinary, though I did cook up a storm! I wanted to post a couple more candid previews before I post some previews of the next gallery, which is the perfect summer gallery. And how is your summer going?   Luv, me

7/7/07 -  First Candids Live

I had to get the first candids live on this 7-7-7 day because everyone is talking about it. Eva Longoria even waited to marry until this day. Someone told me that there are three times the normal number of weddings today. Pretty sick, but who am I to tempt fate. Here you go... R

7/4/07 -  First Candid Preview

I am really excited about this gallery! More than 70 candid shots over the past year finally compiled. It's been a while since I've done this. You'll see me working out, playing, shooting, appearing, with celebs, models, other gals... and a short vid of me frollicking. The previews to the left are me getting buffed by comedian Shawn Harris, and getting prepped for my Fantasy Girl Calendar shoot. Enjoy the 4th! See many fireworks! ;)    Rita

7/1/07 -  More w/Me & Jaqueline

I just posted the rest of the pics with me and Jaqueline. Also, I finished compiling a bunch of candid photos, and even a short candid video! I'll start previewing these soon. The candid video is a first for me!  I get a lot of requests for candid stuff, so get ready! ;)

6/27/07 -  More Previews

As promised, two more previews of the current gallery. Don't we make a cute pair ;)

Luv, R

6/24/07 -  New Gallery Posted

The first part of the gallery with Jaqueline is live. Two hot chicks together - what more do you want ;) For those who need extra convincing, I'll post a few more previews this week. Do you know the member site now has 140 live galleries, and nearly 40 videos? Among other benefits. Same price as day one. Maybe you should join me?    The "G"

6/19/07 -  New Previews

More previews from the upcoming girl/girl gallery. Jaqueline appeared with me in the "Hot Latina" issue of Smooth Girl Magazine a while ago. We ended up taking some pictures together in the hotel we shared and outside too. There was some great chemistry! Hope you like them.    Luv, Rita G.

6/16/07 -  New Gallery Live and Rita G. CHEATS!

The rest of the "Checkered Flag" gallery is live, but I cheated. I called the gallery checkered flag because of the bikini design, but in this 2nd half of the gallery, you'll see very little of any checkered flags! I hope you don't think I misrepresented... maybe you'll like what you see better than some black and white blocks!      R

6/13/07 -  Coming Soon - I Couldn't Wait

I still have another set from the latest gallery but I had to share a pic from the next one. More details when it posts, but now you are prepared! And thanks to those who participated in the LIVE CHAT this past weekend. Next time - JOIN THE CHAT! My webmaster said many people were logged into the site during the chat but (again) few chatted. And the chat does not let you lurk - but I don't bite! And it gets very personal, and we really learn a lot about each other. So you better next time!   R

6/10/07 -  Reminder - LIVE CHAT TONIGHT 6PM EDT

The link to access my live chat will be posted on the main member page at 6PM EDT, Please stop by and say hi! I cannot emphasize enough that past live chats have NOT been that crowded, and I've been able to communicate with every member that has joined the chat! In at least one case it was one to one with ONE member for an extended time! But you need to be a member, so join now, chat tonight, and check out the new galleries (and a hot girl/girl one is coming soon).

Also, apparently I was having some intermittent problems with the members-only e-mail address that members use to reach me. I am very sorry if any of you had a message either returned or invalidated. It's been modified and changed, so please visit the member "contact" page and give me a shout. Talk to you all tonight!   peace, Rita

6/9/07 -  New Gallery Today, Chat Tomorrow

The first half of the newest gallery is incredibly LIVE and ready to be consumed! In prep for tomorrow's LIVE CHAT at 6PM EDT. This gallery is for all of you NASCAR fans! ;)   RG

6/7/07 -  New Girl/Girl PLAYBOY Feature!

Yet another thing to talk about in our LIVE CHAT this Sunday night! Just hitting newsstands is my new 8-PAGE SPREAD in the new PLAYBOY publication "Girls With Girls." Me and model Tiffany Sterling pouring hot wax all over each other. Very hot. Pick it up, then tell me what you think on Sunday!    R

6/6/07 -  New Previews (members only)

    Okay members... I've posted the first four previews at the bottom of the latest gallery for your perusal. The two at the left, and two others. All full size. I'll post more before OUR NEXT LIVE CHAT THIS SUNDAY NIGHT! Consider this your homework assignment, and you have to hand it in on Sunday!

peace... Rita

6/3/07 -  LIVE CHAT w/RITA Returns Sunday, June 10!

It's been a while, and it's time! Sunday, June 10 @ 6PM EDT. I think this is going to be a very sexy live chat because so much has happened since our last one. And I'm going to be releasing some previews of the next gallery prior, which will be something else to talk about. Remember this is a "member's only" chat, and if you have never been in one of our chats, the group size at any given time is ALWAYS relatively small, and I end up chatting quality time personally with everyone. If you ever wanted to ask me anything (and I mean ANYTHING) this is the time and place. I'm not shy in the chat room, trust me ;) If you're not a site member, maybe it's time you were!     R

6/1/07 -  Part 2 Gallery Live - The Money Shots!

That's all I'm going to say about it. There are definitely some special shots in this 2nd half of the summer kick-off gallery. More soon.       Luv. R

5/24/07 -  New Gallery Live

The latest gallery from me to you is absolutely live-o-licious! And tasty enough to lick ;) Just the right tone to lead us into the weekend which kicks off the summer season of 2007! See the first half for now... it's a handful - trust me!     The "G"

5/20/07 -  New Previews

    Hello lovelies! I'm finally ready to expose myself again just in time for the official start of summer next weekend. You'll see I got an early start on the tan this year, and you'll also notice some interesting things about tan lines (or the absence of - you decide). Does anyone have any big plans for the holiday weekend? Write me - I love interesting and unique situations!   Kisses... Rita

5/16/07 -  Mansion Pics Live

The pics from the Playboy Mansion are finally live. You'll notice that I'm in some of them (a couple with special guests), and I personally took the ones I'm not in. Wait until you see the peacock I had to shoo out of the way in the driveway leading to the mansion! It was fun.    Peace... RG

5/12/07 -  Merch News, and More Hef

OK, if you haven't bought my DVD yet, it's time. I've just received a shipment of the third printing, and do check out the new price! Also, for a limited time, I'm including a little bonus with each purchase. And speaking of merch, have you been by my Cafe Press store yet? Rita's Cafe Press Store. And I'll be posting more pics from my Playboy Mansion excursion this week for members only. You'll get to see some of my own photography!     Luv, Rita

5/9/07 -  @ the Playboy Mansion

This past weekend, "The Man" himself, Hugh Hefner, invited me to the Playboy Mansion to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo for movie night at the mansion. Dinner @ 5, the movie Radio Days (Woody) @ 7, and the big fight afterwards. What a perfect evening! I managed to take more pics and will post them all soon.   R

5/6/07 -  Scorching New Video Live

For anyone who ever wondered what I go through to keep my entire body as tan as possible... you'll see me at my erotic best, poolside, tanning... sweating... touching... everything that helps to ease into a steamy hot summer that we're about to all enjoy. Consider this my welcome to the summer season. But no tan lines here! ;)  hugs, RG

5/2/07 -  Additional Pics Now Live

A few more from the latest gallery, in preparation for what's next... a brand spanking new video. And I do mean spanking. Coming very soon.      much luv, the "G" 

4/29/07 -  New Gallery Live

Okay, you've seen the previews, now come see the real thing... ;)     peace, luv -  me

The Real Thing

4/24/07 -  New Previews

  Is this the gallery your mom warned you about? ;) Two of the previews expand - the first one's a little too hot for here (there's more to it). No better time to join... more hot galleries and hot videos on the way.    R

4/21/07 -  New Gallery LIVE, HOT New Member Previews, and DVD's!

The rest of the new "blue" gallery is now live, and I also included a few VERY new and VERY HOT previews from the next gallery! You are going to like this one! I'll preview it to everyone in a day or two, but for now, members, you have the key to my heart, and to my hottest expressions! And if you were going to order a DVD, you might want to do it now. I have some back in stock, and at a special price.   kisses... G 

4/18/07 -  New Rita G. Merchandise at CafePress!

Okay, so it's very much a work in progress, but I figured I'd release the URL anyway. I just added a bunch of cool new merch at www.cafepress.com/ritamania. Posters, mousepads, greeting cards, and more coming. I'm still playing around with it, so order something before I change the menu items because chances are the things on there now will soon be one-of-a-kind collector's items!   Luv, me

4/14/07 -  New (old) Video Posted

This is one of those blasts from the past that I hope gives everyone a blast in the present! I almost didn't recognize myself in this vid, yet I was totally digging myself anyway! ;)     R

4/9/07 -  New Gallery Live

A friend of mine played the nastiest April Fools joke on me today. I fell for it because the day is over a week passed, then I realized I had one planned for all of you and I was so busy that day I neglected to post it! So just like my friend, I'll catch you when you least expect it. Until then, you'll have to settle for my new gallery.

4/5/07 -  New Previews

And for my members, I also posted five additional previews. Just go to the most recent gallery posting and they are at the end. More will be live soon. I still cannot believe it's April already! And someone told me it was snowing in NYC today! 

          Peace and luv...  Rita

4/4/07 -  I'm one of Playboy's SEXY 100 again for 2007!

  I am extremely grateful to Playboy, and to all of you, for being chosen one of Playboy's "Sexy 100" for the 2nd straight year! The list of gals chosen this year is amazing, and to be included among them is an honor. Please pick up the issue - it's one of the best issues of the year! And I'm working to get some new gallery previews up in the next day. Thanks again, luv you all!    R

3/31/07 -  New Pics Posted!

  Okay... new pics from the latest gallery are now posted. A new shipment of DVD's is on the way. And new previews from the next gallery which I think you'll all like will be previewed very soon. And I'm still working on that retro video to post, the one that you will be asking yourself "who the f is that chick?"  luv, rg

3/28/07 -  Yikes - My DVD is Temporarily sold out again!

I am really sorry to the few people who did not yet receive their DVD orders. I went to fill them and realized I was sold out again! It's all my fault - been very busy and on the road often, and have not done my usual inventory management. I'll have more soon. So please be patient. And yes, I am still taking orders, first come first served. Thanks for understanding!

3/27/07 -  Coming This Week...

More pics from this latest gallery. I look good in a bar, but I'm not a big drinker. I have to do other things in a bar to amuse myself. Like playing pool, or lying on the wooden bar counter naked. Game anyone? I'm also trying to get a super-vintage video uploaded. See how I've changed! Til then...  rita 

3/24/07 -  New Gallery Live

Sorry it took a little longer than anticipated. Certain technical mishaps thought they would win but they have been defeated and the pics are live! I hope you like them, and remember to have a drink on me. Literally.        Peace... me

3/20/07 -  Pics From Ron Jeremy's Birthday Party

    Pictures from Ron Jeremy's birthday party. For more click this link: www.dailyceleb.com. Then scroll down to the Ron Jeremy link dated 3/10. And here's a foot pic for all the foot fetishes out there. I cannot believe how many of you are out there! :)    R

3/17/07 -  New Previews

Happy St. Patty's Day!!! In honor of all my Irish (and Irish celebrating) friends, I bring you new previews of me sitting on the bar at an Irish pub! Look for member's only previews this week, and more news. Enjoy, and think of me as your celebrating!   Rita O'G

3/10/07 -  New Intimate Pics and Ron Jeremy!

    So, what do these things have in common? I just posted the rest of this gallery (sorry, no other previews as we didn't have time to make them decent), and, I just arrived in Los Angeles for a week of shoots, meetings, and Ron Jeremy's birthday party tonight! Be warned - the pics posted today get very close and intimate. Not suitable for the office ;) More news this week, and new previews of the next gallery including a few "members only" ones!      Luv ya! 

3/6/07 -  Too Much Time!

Americans need to find more to occupy their time! A friend of mine was just telling me how many fanzines have been created for even the lesser-known American Idol contestants in the last month alone (thousands), and how there are now protests to get the chick who posed for lingerie last year back on the show because this season one of the chicks had racier pics surface and she can still compete. Now it's also a big racial thing happening since the chick last year was black and this one is white. It's a f'n TV show! But on to more important things... like your Rita G! ;) I'll be posting a "retro" video soon, along with the rest of the latest gallery. And maybe a surprise or two after that...     Peace... Rita

3/1/07 -  New Gallery Live

Sorry, no more previews available. I tried, but there's just a little too much skin for this "PG" rated part of the site!  ;) You're just going to have to join! Right???      Luv, me

2/25/07 -  New Previews

Just in time for tonight's Academy Awards, though I'm not sure what the two have in common. I did see "Pan's Labryinth" last week and liked it. I really need to get myself nominated one of these years. Best DVD perhaps? ;)       Peace... R

2/22/07 -  Special Members Only Preview

Okay, for all members, especially those who have been patiently waiting for a gallery to feature what Howard Stern and Robin Quivers said were the "best natural breasts" they had ever seen, these might do the trick. Let me know what you think, and for the rest of you who are not members yet, I'll have some previews here this weekend that will hopefully convince you of what you have been missing!  BTW, you'll find the previews at the bottom of the latest gallery.       The "G"

2/17/07 -  New Pics Posted

    The rest of this ultra-fashionable gallery is now live. In keeping with the spirit of the latest video posted, there are a couple of classy money shots which I think some of you with discerning tastes might enjoy. Please tell me if I was right.    R

2/13/07 -  New Video with "special view"

So I actually found two vintage (meaning old) videos, but decided to hold off on them and will post them in the coming weeks. I did find another gem that has what I am now calling the closest zoom ever into my, well, call it the money shot! Trust me that it's worth the price of about twenty memberships alone IMHO. See what the fuss is all about - literally!        Peace, me

2/12/07 -  Storm is a Comin'

For all my east coast friends, who just suffered a deep freeze and are about to be hit by a storm... I'm trying to bring back an old video for tomorrow. You bring the popcorn.   R

2/6/07 -  New Gallery Live

I'm back from Miami, and chock full of a new gallery! And I hope my east coast and midwest friends are staying warm in this freeze! The solution is to move somewhere warmer (70's where I am today!)  I hope you like the new pics. And BTW, I'm not wearing any underwear... ;)        "G"

2/3/07 -  I'm at the Super Bowl!

I'm texting this update to my webmaster from sunny (more cloudy) Miami! How F'n cool is this, I'm attending the Super Bowl tomorrow! It was a last minute thing, so look for me, I'll try to get on the pre-game, and will try to get some pics taken! ;) Go Colts, or Bears, or whoever, just enjoy the game, party, and I'll be back soon.    Luv u all!  Rita G

2/1/07 -  New Gallery Pics Live

    Just in time for Groundhog Day, whatever that means. Is it a crime to love Bill Murray? Loved him in "Lost in Translation" and I even liked "Broken Flowers." Nobody I know liked that movie but me! Okay, okay, the pics. They are a little more revealing than these previews, but you don't care about that, right? :)          Peace, Rita

1/28/07 -  New Previews

Here are the new previews from the next gallery. Thanks to everyone for participating in the recent Voyeur Sunbathing showing, and I'm hoping to have more cool news to report soon. Please keep writing and remember that Sex is Still In Session!    R

1/23/07 -  Members Only Previews

I just had a row of pics added to the newest gallery of the NEXT gallery so that members can preview them before anyone else. They show yet another side of me, as if I really need another side! ;) Please let me know what you think. And remember to join NOW if you are not already a member, because the sunbathing video goes live very soon, and not for long. I think you'll like...   Peace, Rita G.

1/20/07 -  COMING SOON to a Theatre Near You

Actually, a lot closer than that! Almost a year ago, I had the "voyeur sunbathing" video live on the site for a limited time and I'm finally bringing it back, sexier and nastier (and longer) than ever. Again for a VERY limited time due to licensing agreements. Trust me when I tell you it's worth the price of several admissions. And remember who's saying that - me! No BS from your lovely Rita!   R

1/19/07 -  New Pics! And More Coming Soon...

The 2nd part of the new gallery is now live-a-licious and waiting for your consumption! I also wanted to say thanks for the feedback about my blog on My Space... I hope you read it from my page because I edited it from the version I sent out in the bulletin (to my My Space friends) and remember to check out the vids! And because you asked... I'm bringing back my most popular video for a limited time! I'll also have some member only previews of the next gallery up very very soon. So between the vid, new gallery, and next gallery, it's not a bad time to come aboard... right?        Luv, "G"

1/15/07 -  What am I Passionate About?

Here's another preview from the new gallery. And I'm sure looking at it makes you wonder what else I'm passionate about, right? ;) I beg you to read my latest blog on MySpace, and to to look at the videos I have posted there. I want all of my friends to keep an open mind about things, and this will be a start. Please check them out and tell me if you're with me on this!    Peace and luv, Rita

1/9/07 -  New Gallery Live!

Previews below. Many of these shots will appeal to the ass-lovers out there. Well, I tried my best anyway ;)  Talk to you soon, my friends.     Peace, Rita G.

1/7/07 -  New Previews

A couple of previews from the new gallery. A description of the gallery is in the item below this one. And as it says, members have already seen a lot more of it. BTW, I heard it was 70 degrees in NYC yesterday? How crazy is that???   R

1/5/07 -  New Gallery & SPECIAL MEMBERS ONLY PREVIEW!!!

Okay, the final part of the Naughty Nurse gallery is live. In addition, I've added to the gallery some pics from the next gallery for members only! I'll preview the gallery here soon, but the pics included today are not previews - they are the real things! The new gallery? It's kinda artsy, a little experimental, and of course, a lot sexy! ;) Hope y'all like it!    Luv, me

1/2/07 -  2007 Calendar - Special Price!

Sorry for the late notice! I've been out of town, and fell a little behind (no pun!) but I just received a shipment of this year's Fantasy Girl calendar, and I am again a featured model! Pictured is the cover. If you ordered last year's you know how hot the whole thing is. This one's even hotter! It's not called the "TASTY FLAVORS Edition" for nothing! And I'm making them available for a limited time way below retail - Just $17 shipped! Limited time (and limited quantities). See the Merchandise page for ordering instructions, but this is the price for a short time! And BTW, Happy 2007! I hope everyone saw fireworks ;) Lots happening, good to be home, much more soon...lotsa luv now!   R

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