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The Secrets of Rita G
  12/27/06 - New Pics Live


The second installment of nurse pics is now live, and calling your name! But you can't look until you vote!



12/25/06 - Merry Christmas!

While I don't really celebrate holidays (just never really cared for people telling me when or what to celebrate) I want to pass my sincerest Christmas wishes to all my friends who do celebrate, and to all of your families as well!

And since most of you are not working today, take some time between football games and eating to listen to an interview I did for my friend Gorgeous Dre's podcast. It's good stuff...and some funny shit too!  Here's the link:  PODCAST. Peace and Luv, Rita G.


12/24/06 - 2007 Playboy Model of the Year Finalist!

Playboy.com has finally posted the 20 Finalists for their special edition 2007 Model of the Year and I am honored to be one of them! Please show some love and vote for me, often if it allows! And tell your friends, enemies, websites, anyone who will listen. Here's the link: VOTE FOR RITA. Lastly, I wish you and yours the greatest holiday season ever. Much love, many kisses, and everything else wonderful!             Peace, Rita
  12/20/06 - New Gallery Live

  The first part of the sexy nurse gallery is live! Check it out, and while doing that, maybe I'll call you. I'm thinking about doing some "Sex is in Session" research the next few days and I need to talk sex, and who better to research with than my members! Whaddya all think... should I give it a whirl? Will u be "up" for it?... ;)       "G"


Doing my syndicated column online (www.e-crap.com) as well as my column for Playboy over the past few years, so many of you have come to me for my witty, sometimes humorous, but straight to the point brand of insight and feedback regarding your sex and relationship related issues. That's why I'm creating an entire forum to hear what you have to say about all things SEXXXX!!! it's called 'SEX IS IN SESSION.' Tell me what's on your mind! 


12/15/06 - New Previews

Here are a couple of previews from the upcoming gallery. I think I might have been a nurse in a past life, or so the tarot card reader once told me. And the uniforms f'n rule! ;)

More later... write me, call me... R


12/10/06 - "Sex Is In Session!"

Remember these four words... SEX IS IN SESSION. They might not mean a lot now, but over the next few months, you're going to hear me use them lots. And it's going to bring me a lot closer to all of you. Like personally closer. I'm going to get to know more of you than ever before. By now, you've probably read my Sex Advice column @ Playboy, or read my syndicated Sex column at www.e-crap.com. Or, maybe you've read some of my blogs at my MySpace account. It makes me very happy when my words get through to someone and actually helps that person. Sometimes, I've even been able to liberate some women sexually, and to better understand how to take responsibility in achieving the sexual pleasures that every woman (and man) desires. With that said, I'm looking for a couple special friends (initially women - man later) who want to share some desires with me, and who might have unique questions and situations where my advice and consultation might be useful. E-me HERE if you think you're one of those friends!     Luv, Rita


12/07/06 - New Gallery Preview

We just uploaded a bunch of hot new pics to finish this latest gallery. One catch - you have to listen to my latest radio show, "The Rita G-Spot" before viewing! It's true! We're high tech. If you try to view before listening, you'll see a very evil Rita appear on your screen, and if you fear a woman scorned, you'll listen! Remember, I can see what you're doing! ;)      Your eye in the sky... Rita G

12/02/06 - The Multimedia Weekend of Rita

Yesterday I went live with a new members only video. Today, I bring you nearly an hour of new radio programming! Just added on www.rhnradio.com are four new installments of my Internet radio program "The Rita G-Spot." This time, I discuss sex, youth, and lots more, and as always, I speak my mind and keep it real. No BS. Give it a listen!    Luv, me

  12/01/06 - Intimate New Video is Live


A good way to usher in the month of December. It was this or offer you new gloves and a scarf, and believe me when I say this vid will make you a whole lot warmer thank those! It gets real, and close. You'll know me a lot better in a few minutes.    The "G"

  11/26/06 - New Pics Posted


Thanksgiving weekend is barely over and I'm already tired of hearing shitty Christmas music on every radio station and in every store. Can't we wait at least a week? Well, stop eating turkey leftovers for a minute and check out the new pics. Something better to sink your teeth into ;)             R


11/23/06 - Happy Thanksgiving!

I truly hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Remember to be thankful for everything you have! I'm thankful today for so many wonderful friends, and so happy that so many of you came out to meet me in NYC last weekend. It was truly f'n awesome!!! Let's do it again real soon, in a city near you! More of the latest gallery posted soon, enjoy the day!     Much luv, Rita

  11/19/06 - New Gallery Live

  I'm still in NYC and having a great time! More on that when I return home. For now, here's the first part of the new gallery.     Hugs, "G"
  11/15/06 - New Preview Pics!


The new gallery rocks! I released some of the actual pics a few days ago for members only, now here's a preview for everybody.

 Luv, me

  11/11/06 - Full New Gallery Live (plus bonus)

  So here's the deal... the new gallery is live and it is the complete gallery. Also, the pix are bigger than usual, so you can do with me what you must... ;) Also, I've included some bonus pix from the next gallery, which I'll preview here next week. Just a little thank you for my splendid friends! And remember, if you're in the NYC area, you BETTER come visit me at http://bigapplecon.com/ next week!   Kisses...R

11/08/06 - Meet Me in the BIG APPLE!!!!!

I was waiting to announce until it was absolutely confirmed, but I will be appearing at New York City's huge Comic Book Convention November 17-19! It's an absolute who's who of celebs appearing, and you'll see me now featured prominently on the show's website http://bigapplecon.com/. I know a lot of you live in the NYC area, and this is right across from Madison Square Garden, very easy to get to, so no excuses!!!! Come meet me and introduce yourself!!!!

And until then, you MUST listen to the latest episode of my Internet radio show, which features taimak (Bruce Lee Roy from THE LAST DRAGON)!!! Just click the RHNRADIO link to the right. I'll also have some more cool news about my NYC visit soon. So make plans now!


11/07/06 - Did You Vote Today?

I'm proud to report that I did my civic duty and went out to vote! I really hope all of you did as well. If you are still in the voting mood, vote for me on Playboy's Model of the Year contest (see link at the right). And you never know, I might just jump into the political arena one of these years and run for a public office. I have some great platform ideas - so any of you campaign advisers out there, get me your ideas and let's talk! ;) And the new gallery is coming soon. For all of you who have been asking for some tasteful and sexy underwear shots... and for everyone else, I'll find a few "tastier" ones to include as well.   R

  11/05/06 - New Pics Posted

  More from the arrest gallery. Then soon a bunch from the hot new gallery I previewed last week. Definitely a change of pace from this gallery. Please listen to my radio show if you haven't already! And please keep writing me, especially through my MySpace page. It really helps me to be more creative and responsive!  Luv, Rita

11/04/06 - This Weekend

For those who asked, yes, the rest of the "Arrest" gallery will be live this weekend or sooner. Of course, it's already the weekend so not sure it can be any sooner, but I wanted to affirm my urgency in getting it live! I've also posted a few new blogs on my MySpace site if you haven't visited in a while.     R

  10/31/06 - Halloween, Gallery Preview, and New Radio Segment!


Happy Halloween! I always loved this holiday! I hope everyone got lots of treats! My contribution would be the new gallery preview at the left, and a new radio show segment! Brand-spanking new @ www.rhnradio.com. I hope you like it!

Hauntingly...  Rita G. <3<3<3

  10/25/06 - New Gallery Live


Happy Hump-Day! The first part of the new, "arresting" gallery is live and waiting. Something about chicks, motorcycles, and uniforms that does it for me... how about you? Keep watching for more cool news, and live appearances!        Your Favorite "G"


10/21/06 - New Video Live

The new gallery we previewed last week is coming very soon but I posted a new video first. Remember that the videos are very intimate and this one is no different. Just more of the total package! ;) And remember that there's a new installment of my Internet radio show. Details below!   Luv, me


10/16/06 - New Radio Show Episode Live

The latest installment of my new radio show "The G Spot" is now available for your listening pleasure at www.rhnradio.com. A lot of you have been commenting through my My Space page and I really appreciate the comments and encouragement! This radio show is becoming a true blast! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do ;)  R


10/14/06 - New Previews

Finally! Sorry it's late (thanks MySpace!!!). Thanks to everyone for helping get my MySpace back to order! And for those who didn't (and I guess even more for those who did), you'll have to answer to "Officer Rita" with this gallery! And I'm a lot tougher than I look! ;)    Luv, "G"


10/10/06 - Help Me Rebuild My "MySpace" Page!

I need your help! Somehow, and not of my doing, my MySpace page got deleted! It was another great way to keep in touch with all my friends (including all of you!). Please help me by re-adding me as a friend and placing me in your Top 8! Click below to access my new "official" page - and tell your MySpace friends! Let's see if my friends can help me get back to where I was! And THANKS!!!!!!!!     Luv, me     www.myspace.com/ritamania

  10/07/06 - New Gallery, Part 3

  Thanks to those who commented on this latest gallery! I thought it was worthy of three parts and I'm glad many of you agreed. Look for new preview this week, and if you haven't already, check out my new radio show @ www.rhnradio.com.     R

10/04/06 - MY OWN INTERNET RADIO SHOW!!! ("The Rita G-Spot")

How cool is this!? I now have my own Internet Radio Show on a really cool hip-hop Internet station! Check out 'The Rita G-Spot' on www.rhnradio.com. Just click on Rita G and listen to the me and my co-host Joe College as we chop it up and talk about REAL shit that's going on...  give it a listen and keep in mind that this is my first time on the radio like this (live and unedited) and I just hope you'll enjoy listening as much as I enjoy talking!   Luv, the G-Spot ;)

  09/30/06 - More New Pics Posted

  Well, I kept my part of the bargain. More new pics. Now... have you text messaged me yet? Tell me what you thought of last week's "Project Runway!" ;)           R

09/27/06 - Text Message Clarification!

didn't provide the right detail below on how to get live text messages from me. Simply text  RITAG to 72237 ... Ritag has to be in the message field when it is sent to the number.

And remember to stop by E-Crap.com, home of my Sex Crap column, and lots of other great crap! More pics and videos soon.         Luv, me

  09/23/06 - New Gallery Live


Welcome to Fall! Here's the first part of the new gallery. I'm banking that you'll like it, and wait until you see where it leads ;) So you'll have to be patient for the next installment. Meantime, I'll try to keep you appeased, so drop me a line and appease me as well!

Your "G"


09/20/06 - Get Live Text Messages From Me!

It's about time I joined the text message craze, right? And just like everything else I do, trust that I'll always be keeping it real! No generic message crap. Just my true, random thoughts (personal, uncensored) at any given time. Hit me up by Text Messaging me at 72237!  R


09/19/06 - Live Radio Interview in L.A.

I'm going to be live on the radio tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 8PM PDT on Los Angeles hip-hop station 93.5 KDAY. If you're out of the area, you should be able to listen live on the web. Here's the link...    93.5 KDAY


09/17/06 - Gallery Preview

This new gallery is coming soon! I promise that it has some pics and poses unlike anything I've ever published before. I hope everyone had a great weekend, which I was told was the last one of the summer. Well, even if the weather turns cooler, there's still lots we can do indoors, right? ;)    R

  09/14/06 - New Pix Live


Well...I think I have done the unthinkable with this gallery - I've actually turned myself on! But whatever you do, do NOT let me have all the fun! ;) Step up to the plate and let me throw you one of my patented hard-balls! Later gators!     RG


09/10/06 - Hot New Video is Live

Surprise! With no fanfare or warning, I decided to release this latest video. And I think it's just the thing for a lazy Sunday night if you get my drift. It's intimate, a bit acrobatic (grin) and quite cinematic! And for those who asked, I'll have the 2nd part of the latest gallery soon. Enjoy!       Luv, me


09/08/06 - I Luv My Friends!!!

I had a great time in the live chat the other night! Thanks to all who participated. While it wasn't a big crowd, it was small enough for a lot of personal conversation. You know, I tend to divulge more personal info on these chats than on my blogs (just the nature of the back and forth, ya know?) so please make sure you make the next one if you missed this one! And I also want to thank all the people who have written me regarding my Sex Crap column and my Playboy advice column. I have been getting some amazing feedback, and I can't even begin to tell you how good it feels when a reader tells me that I actually helped them! Please keep the feedback coming. You are all awesome!      R


09/06/06 - Live Chat w/Rita Tonight

Webmaster's Note: The chat is scheduled for 9PM EDT tonight. If there are any changes, they will be posted here. Just log on to the member's site main page at that time and a link will appear that will take you to the chat. The last couple of chats have not been very crowded and participants were able to chat with Rita rather personally. So please come by!  

  09/05/06 - More New Pics


You already know how I feel about this new gallery, so no more sales pitches from me at this time! May the previews do the talking! :)

And speaking of talking, I'm still planning to host a live chat session tomorrow night for members. Around 9PM EDT. Will I talk to you then???          Luv, "G"


09/03/06 - Live Chat Wednesday Night!

It's been a few months, but let's meet up in my chat room this Wednesday night around 9PM EDT! This is for member's only, so if you're not already a member, join now since I'll also have gone live with a big portion of the new gallery previewed below! And I hear the weather has turned nice over much of the east coast so I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the rest of the holiday weekend!        R


09/01/06 - Gallery Preview

I really think you are going to like this gallery! Not only are the pictures hot, but they are smaller, and as such, give more of a candid and close feel. Like we're sharing large photographs. You'll see what I mean from the previews - but the rest of the gallery gets very hot. Stay dry if you're on the east coast, but not too dry! ;)      Luv ya!  Rita

  08/30/06 - New Gallery Live


The second half of the newest gallery is now available for your viewing pleasure. Look for the sneak preview of the next gallery soon, and if enough of you e-me, we'll do another live chat soon. Can you believe it's almost Labor Day weekend already? This summer went WAY too fast!       R

  08/29/06 - Final "Raft" Pics Now Live


My brand-spanking-new Sex Crap column has been posted at www.e-crap.com. This column helped launch my Playboy sex column, so please check it out. It's all about why women cheat! Send me feedback! And I think the rest of the latest gallery should be live tomorrow as well!      RG


08/26/06 - Call Me!

I know this is posted several places on my site, but lately I have been getting a lot more calls, so I figured I must be doing something right! ;) And since the feedback has been so positive, I wanted to emphasize it here. It's a great service where you can schedule a personal phone call with me. I can't tell you how much I love talking to people, and some of the subject matter has been wild! Here's the link, hope to TALK to you soon! :)     CALL RITA

  08/25/06 - New Vixens! Might Be My Hottest Spread Ever!


The new Playboy Vixens (Oct/Nov) just hit the stands. It has my sex advice column, and one of my hottest pictorials ever! More details when you click the pic, you can even order it online! And trust me that this is one you'll want me to personally sign for you when I come to a city near you, and I hope to make many appearances in the coming months. More news, and a new "Sex Crap" column coming soon!   Luv, Rita

  08/23/06 -New Gallery!


The first half of the new gallery is now live. As always, let me know what you think. And I'm thinking of more ways to get you all more involved in what I do! ;)       Your "G"


08/20/06 - New Video is Live

As promised, for all you video lovers out there. And also...watch for the new gallery, coming very soon!  Here's another gallery preview...       Luv, me


08/19/06 - NEWS!!! And Video Warning...

I just learned from PLAYBOY that I am a TOP 20 Finalist for their 2007 Model of the Year contest!!!!! The vote link is at the right! For now, I think you keep voting there! I'll keep checking and if they have a new page with the finalists, I'll update it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!!!

I'll have a new video live tomorrow. THANK YOU AGAIN, I truly luv u all!     R


08/15/06 - News of the Day

I was just reading where an 88-year-old farmer in India just became a daddy! He had been trying to have a son for 60 years, and was on his third wife, averaging sex one to two times daily during that timeframe. The mom is 43. He said he still might want more kids, still loves sex, and might challenge the record of 92 years-old, set by a guy from Australia. So there you go, you're never too old to enjoy sex! :) And the other good news - you won't have to wait 60 years for my next gallery and video!                Much Luv...  Rita G.

  08/12/06 - DING! Round Three is Live!

  The final round is here, and it's a good thing because I'm exhausted! I don't know how those boxers go ten rounds! :) While I await the decision (a-hem! That's your cue to e-me and tell me things), I'll do my best to get a new vid up on the site soon, and the new gallery previewed below. Be good!          R

08/09/06 - Playboy Radio and a Preview

Looks like I'm heading back to L.A. to appear again on Playboy Radio on Sirius Thursday morning 6AM pacific time, and replayed throughout the week! Check me out! And we still have "Round Three" of the boxing gallery coming soon, but I wanted to give y'all a glimpse of the next gallery. Hope you like!    Luv, The "G"

  08/06/06 - "Round Two" is Live

  Turns out this boxing match is going to go three rounds! Round two is live, and the heat was definitely turned up from the first round. And the new video is still live at this time, but not much longer. I'm trying to keep it here as long as I can! Back soon...how is everyone doing? Write and tell me!           RG
  08/03/06 - New Video is Live

I am happy to say that the new video is live. The pic at left was taken from the same shoot, and yes, that is the famous pink mesh bikini! This video is extra long (about 5 minutes) and very good quality. But I doubt it is going to be available on the site past the weekend, so come on in today!                    luv, me

08/02/06 - Video Alert!

That hot new 5-minute video I've been mentioning is going to be live very soon (hint - like tomorrow). Because of licensing issues it will only be live for a short time. R U ready?

  07/30/06 - Round One is Live!

  "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, nobody looks better in the ring than Rita G." Okay, so I'm a better model than I am rhymer! Round one is live! Get it? Round one is the first half of the gallery, like using the boxing term... I crack myself up sometime! I truly hope you all appreciate me, because I really am going looney today! :) BTW, I love you Muhammad Ali! And don't worry, boxing will not be my next challenge!    R

07/29/06 - Crap!

The new boxing gallery should be live tomorrow. In the meantime, please visit my "sister" site, www.e-crap.com. This is the site where my "Sex Crap" column originates from. They are always looking for spokesmodels, writing contributors, and cool ideas, so look them up! They're as wacky as I am!!!! :)                 The "G" spot


07/27/06 - Gallery Preview

Here's a preview of the upcoming boxing gallery. I told you not to mess with my ass! ;) The hot 5 minute bikini strip video is coming soon also but I need to reach a quota for July memberships and I'm not there yet. Maybe you can show some love back and join so I can get that video live very soon? Well, I love you all anyway! And I think you already know that!             "Sugar Ray" Rita


07/23/06 - Bikini Strip Video, and Boxing

I have a 5 minute long bikini strip video coming soon! After I strip (in the wilderness) I lay a blanket and entertain myself. What more could you possibly want? ;) This will be live soon, but because of licensing issues, it will only be live for a very short period of time. The way to make sure you catch it is to signup for the site now! You'll also catch an awesome boxing gallery as yours truly takes to the ring to kick (and show some) ass! I'll have a preview of that gallery as early as tomorrow.    P.S. Please keep voting!        R

  07/20/06 - Brand Spanking New Video Live

For all of you that ask me what I do to keep in shape, you may not see me in the gym per se, but you will most definitely see some of the results...;) A good time to join the site for you fence sitters! Lots of great stuff coming soon!     Luv, me
  07/15/06 - New Pics Live

Okie Dokie Smokie... the new pics are live. It's a small gallery, but packs a nice punch for its size! ;) Meantime... PLEASE keep voting for me in the Playboy MOTY award contest! Pass the link to your friends and ask them to vote! I really need your luv!   R

Vote Rita Playboy's SE Model of the Year!

  07/13/06 - I'm Still In L.A.


Hey everyone! I'm still in L.A. Stayed a little longer, trying to make some more things happen. Supposed to be super sunny the rest of the week, so why leave? ;) I found some additional pics to an "oldie but goodie" gallery and will be posting them very soon. Here's a preview. And thanks for voting me in the Playboy MOTY! You did vote, right?! Talk to you all soon.       Much Love!  RG


07/11/06 - Rita Nominated for Playboy SE "Model of the Year!"

Webmaster's Note: I'm still waiting to hear back from Rita regarding her Playboy Radio appearance. But in the meantime I was also made aware that she has been nominated for Playboy Magazine Special Editions "Model of the Year!" This is a great honor, and I'm asking everyone to please click the link below and VOTE! I am sure Rita will talk more about it soon. Thanks!

Vote Rita Playboy's SE Model of the Year!


07/10/06 - Rita on Sirius' "Playboy Radio"

Webmaster's Note: Rita informed me late last night that she was heading out for an early morning appearance on Sirius' "Playboy Radio" for their popular Morning Show. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the update posted live early enough. However... if you click the below link for schedule information, you'll see that they replay both highlights and the entire Morning Show frequently throughout the week. So please give a listen, and send us feedback! We're hoping to post some listener comments on the radio appearance, and trust me when I tell you how much Rita loves feedback. I assure you she will personally read every one.               Playboy Radio Schedule

  07/07/06 - More "Playmate" Pics

  Here is the next set of my "Playmate" pics. Thanks for liking the first set. They did appear to be quite, well, iconic, didn't they?

I guess your little ol' Rita G and Playboy work quite well together!           Luv, me

  07/03/06 - New Denim Gallery for the Holiday

  What's more "American" than denim? I don't often do a lot of picture taking in denim jeans (insert comment here ;) but what could be more appropriate for the holiday? LMK how they look and if you think I should wear jeans more often, and I hope you all see many fireworks tonight!

07/01/06 - Gallery Preview

There are lots more "Playmate" pics coming, but in-between, I just shot another gallery so here's a preview. It will be live very soon.

Meantime...enjoy the holiday, enjoy your family and friends, and remember to get wet! ;)    R

  06/28/06 - New Gallery Live

  The first part, but I think you'll like it. Kind of nice to have a day off from watching the World Cup. I've been engrossed since the beginning! I wish I could experience it live. Well, maybe in four years in South Africa. Who's with the Rita G caravan? :)

Enjoy the pics. LMK what you think.    Luv, me


06/25/06 - Gallery Preview

Thanks to those who have asked about having some galleries in (and out of) my Playboy attire. As always, your wishes are my commands (or something like that). Here's a preview. These are "in" and trust me, there are plenty "out" ;)    "G"

  06/24/06 - If You Love Me, Share Me


(click each banner to view)
Please help spread the word by placing a banner on your website or MySpace page (or pass this to a friend). Be sure to e-me and tell me where you placed it because I want to see it and thank you!!  R        Banners
  06/22/06 - Intimate New Video Live

This video will further show all of you just how much I love you, and show it well. Worth the price of admission alone ;) No more fence sitting - enter please!               "Video" Rita
  06/18/06 - Get Wet Again

  The remaining photos from the water gallery are live. Just the right answer for a steamy hot weekend in June!     The "G"

06/17/06 - I'm Back on MySpace!

My first MySpace page was deleted because MS felt my photos were too "suggestive" (hah!) so I never bothered making another one. But recently, a friend of mine told me there were fake Rita G. pages, and insisted on creating the new page for me, so I'm back. I've been adding my own personal touches, so come visit me. And make sure you tell your MySpace friends to add me as a friend as well!  www.myspace.com/ritamania

And speaking of suggestive photos, thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the Water gallery. And since I always do as I am told, you all have been requesting more pics from that gallery and they will be live any time now!      Luv, G


06/15/06 - Sex, Anybody?

I've been receiving some sex and sex advice questions for my Playboy column, so thank you SO MUCH to those who have already sent in questions. I need more!! Please keep sending them, I will be eternally grateful! Here's the link...  Send Rita Question

  06/12/06 - Water Gallery Live

  The first half of this highly anticipated new gallery (by me, anyway!) is live. I really hope you like it as much as I liked creating it. And remember, some things are just better when wet... ;)           Your Favorite "G"

06/10/06 - The Water Shots Preview

I have been waiting for what seems like years (but in reality a few weeks) to finally get these new water pics into the hands of those who will appreciate them! I am very excited about them and I hope you will be also. They're high resolution, very hot, and very new! Watch for the whole gallery any day now!       The "G"


06/06/06 - End of the World? Wait! New Video First!

Welcome to the day that the world could end, the infamous "666" day. There's actually an online betting site taking bets on whether the world would come to an end today! A bet of $100,000 returns a profit of 1/2 cent (if you bet the world will still be here tomorrow) and I think it was a $100 bet the other way gets a couple mil in payout. of course, I'm not sure how anyone will be collect on that one! :) Meantime, if the world does not end before you log on to my site, please enjoy part I of a longer video. May we all be here for many years to come!     R

  06/03/06 - More Pics Just Posted

  Okay...about 60 new pics just posted as promised. I kept my part of the bargain. Next is the brand 'spanking' new video. So now it's your turn to join me!

06/02/06 - New Sexy Vid and Gallery Coming Soon

This is one of those "Hallmark Moment" times to join the site, as in the next few days I will be posting  a new gallery (about 75 new pics), and the first part of the extended video previewed at the left. And you never know what other surprises might just pop up... ;)                                                                  Your Faithful Miss G.


06/01/06 - Sex Crap Syndication

A very popular NYC erotic blog is the latest to syndicate my Sex Crap column.

Check it out at www.dollarbillblog.com.

  05/29/06 - Juicy New Pics Live

  This gallery definitely heats up a bit. The thumbnail layout on the member site looks like an extra long, hot calendar. When I reviewed it, I couldn't decide which one to click first! I think you'll like... um... clicking them ;)                  Luv, RG

05/27/06 - Last Minute Appearance!

f you happen to be in the Dallas area, I'm making a guest appearance at Club Pergatory tonight! Come and meet me!!!!!


05/25/06 - Chat With Me LIVE Tonight - 9PM EDT

Remember, members only live chat tonight @ 9PM EDT. The last one was very quiet. You could have pretty much had me all to yourself, and it's the best time to get personal. For both of us! ;) Just go to the main page of the member site for the link, it will be there just before the chat starts. Not a member yet? You still have a few hours!  R

  05/25/06 - Thursday Daily Double! NEW GALLERY now, and LIVE CHAT later!

  How's that for a daily double? Sign up now, check out the first part of a hot new gallery (about 50 pics), then sign in tonight @ 9PM EDT to chat with me live and tell me personally what you think of them. And of course the new videos I posted last week. And then you can also suggest how to make this a triple-header! ;)

Affectionately,  Miss G 


05/21/06 - Limited Time - Free Autographed Pic

I just got in a few more of my DVD's. I think most of my friends and fans have already ordered it, but in case anyone's still on the fence, for a limited time I'm going to include a free autographed pic ($15 value) with each DVD purchase. You can find details about the DVD including ordering info here - DVD Details  Thanks, and lets chat Thursday!   Luv, me


05/20/06 - Chat With Me LIVE on Thursday!

My next live chat session for members only is set for Thursday, May 25 at 9PM EDT. We are returning to an evening chat, because the daytime one was very quiet. Like most of the live chats, they never get that crowded. I always have the chance to chat personally with each member, and often, a good deal of the chatting is one-on-one. You MIGHT be the only person in the chat room with me - it has happened before. Please join me this time!   R 


05/19/06 - New Video is Live

As promised! I think you will like this one - some neat shots, and some "acrobatics" by yours truly! ;)  I'll be announcing the next live chat very soon, and more.   The "G"


05/18/06 - New Video Tomorrow

Just in time for the weekend. Which means...join today!  Luv, Rita

  05/15/06 - Additional "Poolside" Pics

I just posted a bunch more pics from the latest poolside gallery. There are even a couple with my cute new friend, who you can see in the preview pic to the left!     ...R
  05/12/06 - Cowgirl Rita

Here's a little something in tribute to the "Man in Black" since I watched the "Walk the Line" DVD last night. I've been waiting for the right time to prove I'm just a simple ole' cowgirl... Now you know! Oh, expect more new galleries and videos in the coming days. 

"Because you're mine...I walk the line" (Phoenix and Reese are so cute :) 

  05/09/06 - New Gallery Live

  Okay, the new gallery is live. Definitely for the breast-men and breast-women out there! And speaking of breasts, if anyone knows David Blaine personally, have him get in touch with me. I think I have an idea for his next stunt ;)
  05/05/06 - New Video

As promised, here's the 1st part of the new video. Great quality, hot, and enough to keep viewers attentive. And sign up today so that you can still view the LAST video (Voyeur Sunbathing!). I might be taking that one down this weekend!

05/04/06 - Hello From The Windy City!

I'm in Chicago today shooting for Playboy again! Shooting for Playboy is something that will always be exciting to me, so I hope you are all having a great day as well! I also want to mention that I just approved a bunch of high quality and hot new videos that will start appearing on the member site very soon! I think you all will like them very much. I also wanted to mention that the member site now has more than 2,500 hot photos, and 35 videos and the membership rate has always stayed the same. In the coming weeks, I am planning to retire some of the current photo galleries and videos. This will be your last chance to access the complete archive, most of which can not be seen anywhere else, and never will be. And with the new videos coming (along with many other benefits) this might be a good time to join - and when you do join - e-mail me! I love corresponding with members both e-mail and live chat. I do phone as well, even date an occasional member... I think I represent my site very well! Join me and let's talk! For now, wish me luck with my shoot!    Luv, R


05/02/06 - New Gallery Previews

This new gallery sort of has a neat "retro" feel about it. Lots of chest pics ;) and some great photography! And for those e-mailing me about DVD availability, I'm happy to report that I do have some in stock, so order today!    Luv, The "G"

  04/29/06 - Naked Boxing!

Okay, it's only three (3) pictures, but they have never before been seen, and honestly, can you get much better than naked boxing? For you "boxing" enthusiasts... join now before I have to get rough! ;)

"Sugar Rae" Rita



Members only. Not too late to join! Simply go to the main member's page around noon for the link to access the chat.


04/26/06 - Tomorrow's Chat - ONE HOUR LATER! NOON EST

Sorry for the late change. Tomorrow (Thursday) live chat will be at NOON EST. Hopefully some of you can talk to me while on your office lunch breaks! And you know, funny that at least a little of the conversation in the past two live chats has gotten around to food and cooking (you all know how much I love to cook!) I'll talk to you all tomorrow, so SIGN UP TODAY and CHAT WITH ME LIVE TOMORROW!   R

  04/25/06 - New Playboy "Vixens" is Out! 

The June/July issue of Playboy's "Vixens" has hit the stands! I have another 6-page spread, and of course my "Ask Rita G" sex column. Please pick up a copy, show your love, and send me in a sex question!

And remember, live chat this Thursday @ 11AM EST! Members only!   R

  04/24/06 - New Gallery Live! 


Okay, it's live. Black, chains, and a whole lotta nasty... what more could anyone want in a gallery? Definitely something hot about chains, right? Thanks again to Sam...enjoy everyone! The "G" 


04/23/06 - Hot New Gallery Preview

The last couple of galleries were a little more "reserved." Not this one. And I have one of my member friends, Sam Wesley, to thank for this gallery. Thanks Sam!     ...R 


04/22/06 - Come Meet Rita Tonight in Texas!

Webmaster's Note: Rita just called me from the road to tell everyone she's hosting and participating in a look-alike contest as Halle Berry. If anyone happens to be in the McAllen, TX area tonight, stop in to Club Fahrenheit. She knows she has some friends in the McAllen area, so hopefully she'll see some of you tonight. 

  04/21/06 - Sex?

Question...what does this picture make you think of? If you answered sex (and you better have!) that means sex is on your mind, right? So then it is time to send Playboy a sex-related question for my next "Ask Rita G" column. I need many questions. Come on! Think sex, damn it! ;)

Playboy Special Editions
Attn: Rita G
680 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611

or send an email to specialeditions@playboy.com

04/20/06 - Next LIVE CHAT, Thursday, 4/27, 11AM EST

For all you earlybirds! The last few chats have been late, and a few members asked me to do an earlier one. As always, your wish is my command!  It's all set for next week. Members only. So join now! There's still a few days left to download the new video that is previewed under the 4/10 heading, then chat with me live next week! Who knows... maybe everybody was all talk and with the earlier time, maybe it will be just you and me in there... ;)


04/17/06 - New Previews

I just added a couple of hot new preview pics. Click the "preview" tab above, and see if you can figure out which ones... ;)

  04/16/06 - New Gallery Live

  Okay, the new gallery is live. I'll also have a new LIVE CHAT date any day (or hour) now, so keep an eye out. 

Luv, R


04/10/06 - Voyeur Sunbathing! JOIN NOW!

This new "voyeur sunbathing" video is about 3x the length of most of my other vids, 3x hotter? You judge. ;) But it is special, and like a few special ones in the past, I won't be keeping it available for long. This will be your one chance to have it! Join soon, it will not be re-posted!

  04/06/06 - Bonus Gallery

  More than 60 new pics for all you "ass-men/ass-women" and "leg-men/leg-women" out there! These were actually taken at a previous shoot (the other pics are also available at the member site) but these were taken right before that shoot, concentrating on the legs and ass. The  "G"

04/02/06 - Gallery Preview - Back in Black

I've had a lot of requests for more pictures in (and out of) black. So I took these shots just for all of you! The full gallery will be live soon, for now I hope you like these previews as much as I felt super sexy taking them...   R

  03/28/06 - I'm One of Playboy's "SEXY 100"

I cannot tell you how honored I am to be included among Playboy's "Sexy 100." The issue just hit newsstands so please check it out! Destined to be a collector's item ;) It's the one featuring Hef's girlfriends (from the TV show 'Girls Next Door') and a ton of other playmates and celebrities....
  03/27/06 - Cowgirl Rita

This is one of a batch of new "fantasy" pics I've taken recently. Something for everyone - right cowboy? You'll see some of them here, and in the preview section. Maybe this can be dedicated to George Mason, even though they're not from Texas! ;)   R
  03/22/06 - Another New Gallery Live

  I have gotten a lot of requests for more pics from this gallery, and whenever you ask, I always obey... I had to use these pics as a preview but while they are from the same shoot, they are not included in the actual gallery. Hint - I couldn't use any of the new pics for the previews ;)

Your favorite "G"

  03/19/06 - New Gallery Live

  People tell me I look good in green...so I guess I'll let you decide - lots of color in this new gallery! Too bad I didn't get it live two days ago for my Irish friends, but hopefully you all had a great St. Patrick's Day, like I did!   Luv, Rita
  03/15/06 - For My Friends in the DETROIT Area

Man, I am just chock full of news today! I'll be making an appearance in downtown Detroit this Friday night (St. Patrick's Day) so if you happen to be in the area, make sure you come by and say "hi"!   R

03/15/06 - I'm on "In Demand's" Main Page

"Miss Naked Caribbean" (featuring yours truly) is now available at In Demand (the company that offers all the Howard Stern videos, among other things). And right now, I'm featured on their main page! Check it out at www.indemand.com.


03/15/06 - Rita on Jay Leno (Tonight Show) Friday Night!

I was "innocently" hosting a Spring Break event this past weekend at South Padre Island, and the Tonight Show was filming a segment. Next thing I knew, Stuttering John (formerly with the Howard Stern show, and now a member of the Tonight Show) wanted to interview me! So look for it this Friday night!

  03/11/06 - Rita Playgirl!

  Just a couple of my new "Playgirl" pics. If you like these, you can only imagine how much you'll like being a member. It's time! ;)


  03/09/06 - More New Pics - Quality and Quantity!

  I came up with a bunch more new pics, never before seen, from this hot gallery.

REMINDER!!!! Did you send a sex question to me yet to one of the contacts posted yesterday, just below? If not, send one now! Thanks, luv, The G-Spot

  03/07/06 - "Rita Berry" Pic Now Available as 8x10

So be honest! How many of you thought this was Halle Berry when you clicked on the picture? It is now available on the merchandise page as an autographed 8x10, but I'll be signing it Rita, not Halle! ;)

03/06/06 - A 6-PAGE PHOTO SPREAD in the new Playboy's "Vixens," Along With My Latest Sex Advice Column "Ask Rita G."  SEND QUESTIONS FOR THE NEXT ONE!

The new edition of Playboy's special edition "Vixens" is just hitting the stands, and it has my latest sex advice column. And it also has a 6-PAGE spread of me! So please pick up the new "Vixens." Meantime, I would LOVE for some of my friends from here to have their questions and letters included in the NEXT "Vixens." Here are the mailing address and e-mail address to send sex-related questions, for response or advice. The best will get published in the next one, and that would make me very happy! SEND 'EM IN!!!

Playboy Special Editions
Attn: Rita G
680 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611                  or send an email to specialeditions@playboy.com


03/02/06 - New Gallery Live

As promised, the new gallery is live. I think you'll like it. Next live chat to be announced soon, and lots more fun & games! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Much Luv, RG


02/28/06 - I'm in Today's NY Post!

If you're in the New York area, or even not since many bookstore chains and gourmet food markets now sell large city newspapers, pick up today's New York Post. I'm featured in an article about the G-Spot procedure called the "G-Shot" (pages 37 & 38) and there is a big color picture of me on page 38. It's only 50 cents, so get out and buy it! Sure to become a huge collector's item!!! ;)  Rita

  02/25/06 - Rita's NBA All-Star Weekend

  I was honored to be invited to the NBA's All-Star Weekend Gala Celebration last weekend. I brought my camera, and took some shots with celebs, sports figures, and other interesting people. Click either pic or HERE  to reach the full gallery. This is for all current members, and all FUTURE members! :) 
Hope you like them...   Luv, "All-Star G"

02/22/06 - Chat With Me LIVE Tonight!

10PM EST. Members simply need to go to the main page of the member's site and click the link to go to the chat. I'm excited! I loved the interaction we all had last month, and how I was able to speak to everyone individually even though it is a chat room. Chat with you later!  R


02/18/06 - New Gallery Live

Okay, the new gallery is live. If you like lots of leg action, and, you know... well, then this gallery might be especially for you. ;) And do not forget the next live chat session is Wednesday night at 10PM EST. Think about what you might want to chat about!   RG


02/17/06 - Next LIVE CHAT, Wednesday Night, Feb. 22

Sorry it took so long to schedule. But we'll have the next live chat Wednesday night, Feb. 22 at 10PM EST. It will be about a half hour. This is a member's only event, so no better time to join! I'll also have the new gallery (previewed below) live this weekend. Luv, R


02/15/06 - Some Love From KANYE WEST

Hip Hop superstar Kanye West is interviewed for the March 2006 issue of Playboy Magazine. Here's his quote:  "...I don't think Playboy has enough ass. But the best girl you had in the past three years has to be Rita G., the Spanish girl. She's got an ass even white people like."       Thanks Kanye! I love you too! ;)


02/14/06 - Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my favorite holidays of the year! A big THANK YOU to everyone who remembered me this year. I received some of the nicest gifts! I'll have the next chat date any day now, and the previews are of the next gallery. Hope you like them! Luv, R


02/10/06 - New Pics From Latest Gallery

One usually saves the best for last. Is that the case here? You'll have to see for yourself, and tell me what YOU think, and may you never think of wine glasses the same way!  ;) To my friends on the east coast - I hear you might be getting a snowstorm this weekend. Be safe, I'll be thinking of you, and will back in touch very soon!


02/08/06 - A Few Tidbits

First, a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who helped make my Birthday extra special! And for the rest of you, it's never too late - wink, wink ;)

Next, more thank you's for the initial orders for my 90-minute DVD! I'm happy to report that the first printing is almost sold out! So please get your order in soon! We're already working on getting a 2nd printing done, but the sooner you order the better. I had hoped for a good response because I truly put so much of me into the making of this DVD, but I've been overwhelmed and I love you all!

Lastly, I'm still working on a next live chat date. Soon, I promise. Along with new pics, videos, previews, and news! Until then...   Luv, The G

  02/05/06 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA, and New Pics

  In honor of my Birthday TODAY (and I suppose the Super Bowl) I bring you some great new pics. I know you liked the last ones, and trust me, you'll like these. And even though I am having a nice Birthday it is not too late to send me something from my WishList! ;) Okay, get back to your 8 hour pre-game, wish me a Happy B'Day, and go Texans! (oops, that's next year's Super Bowl :) 

01/31/06 - New Pics

Part 2 of the new gallery is live. And thanks for the early orders on the DVD. Remember that I had hoped to offer it almost a year ago, but I decided to go back and make it even better. And I did. Thanks for being patient!


01/29/06 - Finally - Pre-order my DVD!!!

m finally taking pre-orders on my 90-minute DVD "The Secrets of Rita G." 90 minutes, all me! I should begin shipping them in about 10 days. The last DVD I offered here sold out, and I was one of several gals featured. This one will sell out as I have limited supplies, and it will not be available anywhere else. I'll also personally sign each and every copy. I'll be posting the DVD cover and more info soon. But here's the link to order.  Order DVD


01/27/06 - New Gallery Live

The first part of the new gallery is live. I also got some great news about my long-awaited DVD ("The Secrets of Rita G.") and I'll have ordering information posted any day now. And I'll also be announcing the time and date for the next live chat! Just catching up on a few other things first. For now, I hope you like the new pics!   Miss G

  01/24/06 - Next Gallery Preview & Tyra Banks Show

  Here are a couple of preview pics from the next gallery I'll be posting. It's a very hot gallery with many larger and higher resolution pics. I definitely think they will get your Rita G. seals of approval! ;)

I'm off to L.A. for a day to tape the Tyra Banks Show! I'll be talking about G-Spot Amplification (see my E-Crap article for more). Check Tyra's website to see when I'll be on!  R 


01/23/06 - Was It Good For You Too? ;)

I had a great time on the live chat last night. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a kind of small group, but it was so nice to be able to personally correspond with everyone on there. We'll do it again very soon. Keep an eye right here for updates, and the continuing live chats (sometimes unannounced, and highly personal) are another great reason to join the site!  The "G"


01/22/06 - LIVE CHAT TONIGHT @ 10PM EST! 

At 10PM EST, just click the "members" link, go to the home page on the members site, and there will be a link to access the chat. Talk to you all later!   Luv, me


01/21/06 - New Gallery Live

The new "pool" gallery is live. Some hot pictures, all in and around a pool. I think you'll like them! ;)

We'll be posting details on how members can access the live chat tomorrow, including a "member's only" link to access the chat page. Start thinking of your questions and comments! I'm really excited about this. CHAT with you tomorrow, for real! :)


01/20/06 - Wish List Updates For My Birthday!

The big day is February 5th! :) A few friends have e-mailed me to ask if I could update some of my wish items and registries, and I did! Actually, one of the stores, G-World, is having a huge sale! More than half-off everything on my wish-list. Of course, the other stores are great as well, as are web certificates.  Rita's Wish List

The new gallery should be live tomorrow, as we build up towards the live chat on Sunday night. You better join me in the chatroom!  R

  01/19/06 - New Gallery Preview

  The new gallery, all pictures of me in and around the pool, will be live before Sunday's live chat. I'll also tell you more about my Birthday which is coming up on Feb. 5 (hint hint).I'll be adding some items to my wishlist! ;)

Remember - LIVE CHAT WITH ME Sunday night!



My first live chat with members will happen next Sunday night @ 10PM EST. Actually, I did it once before when the site went live but it never worked right and we stopped it. I can't wait to do it again! More details in a few days, but join NOW so that you can join me on the live chat room next Sunday night!  RG


01/13/06 - New Video

Just me, on a bed, a little nasty, and a lot flexible ;) I'm also working on some cool new site features for members, so bear with me. Soon!   R


01/10/06 - I'm one of Playboy's "Sexy 100!"

I just got the news, and I had to share it with my friends! Playboy Magazine just informed me that I was chosen (combined by Playboy and the readers) to be included in their "SEXY 100" special edition! This is an amazing honor, and it means a lot to me. They describe this issue as "a salute to the sexiest and most beautiful women of all." I'll get all the info, and tell you how you will be able to get your personally autographed copy soon!  Luv, me


01/07/06 - New Gallery Live

Okay, the new Dynasty gallery is live. Keep the comments coming! ;)

  01/04/06 - New Gallery Preview

  My friend Dynasty made quite a stir the last time I posted a gallery with our pics so I had to bring her back and show you the rest of the pics we took together. Here's a preview. Full gallery, and a new vid, coming soon.   Your "G"

01/01/06 - More "Black & Blue" Pics Posted

Happy 2006! I wish all of my friends a happy and prosperous new year! I love the feel of a new year - all that we can accomplish, and I always love the challenge. Like many of you, I'm taking it easy today, but I did appreciate all the great feedback on both the Sex Crap column, and the last gallery. I found some more pics from that photo shoot and just posted them. I'm sure you'll like them. Tell me how you spent YOUR New Years Eve!    R


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