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The Secrets of Rita G

12/29/05 - New "Sex Crap" Column!

Yeah, I know, it's about time! I have been busy, but it is no excuse, so I will just lead you to my latest column! "Sex Crap" (originating from Google-rated E-Zine www.e-crap.com) is the column I have been writing for several years, and that led to my new "Ask Rita-G" column for Playboy's Special Edition magazines. The new column deals with "wandering eyes" and I really need your feedback! So please visit E-Crap (www.e-crap.com) and let me know what you think!


12/26/05 - Happy DAC (Day-After-Christmas)


As promised, we finally have this special, recent Bahamas pic posted and available as an 8x10. What better belated Xmas gift could there be... see how perfect the water is for my personal signing! ;) See the "merchandise" link for ordering information. BTW this amazing pic was taken by my good friend Kevin Nigbur (www.luxul.org) out of Phoenix.

12/25/05 - Merry Christmas! A New Gallery For You.

Ho Ho Ho. Are me and the Claus-meister the only crazies working on Christmas Day? A friend of mine went into NYC today and said it was dead. Well, I'm enjoying a quiet day but I promised a holiday gallery and here it is! Meantime, there seems to be a problem with the site merchandise billing system. I'm going to ask my web guy to post the mailing address to order stuff for the time being. Speaking of which, I have one of the hottest pics I've ever taken that I'm going to offer as an 8x10 so please get those check books ready. Order it as a belated Christmas gift for someone, I sign them all and ship them all 100% personally! He told me he'll post it as soon as he gets back from visiting with his family. Luv you!  Rita
  12/22/05 - New Gallery Preview

Sorry, no holiday outfit this year so the "black and blue" will have to do! And it will be live no later than Xmas Day. And remember... our marketing research shows that a subscription to my site makes the best gift you can give anybody this holiday season! ;)  The G

12/20/05 - Last Chance to Order 2006 Calendar?

I still have a few 2006 calendars ready to personally sign and ship, but I may not be getting more. I have two pages and there are some other hot gals on the calendar as well. You can see some of the other gals at this link www.fantasyworldmodels.com. But remember, while you can order them through that link as well, the ones I have left will be personally signed and shipped directly by me so please order soon!  R


12/19/05 - My Playboy Issue is ON THE STANDS!

I'm very excited! See the cover above right! I have a multi-page spread that is very hot AND the issue has my very first Sex Advice Column, "Ask Rita G."!!!!! This is the new Vixens Special Edition, pick it up wherever they sell Playboy, and PLEASE tell me what you think of my column, and my pictures!!!

12/18/05 - Rita in a Music Video!

It's confirmed. Actually, I've seen it!!! Keep an eye out on BET, MTV2, or any other station showing videos and look for me in the new "Diamonds" remix by Slim Thug & Young Jeezy.


12/16/05 - New Gallery Live

I've already been told this is one of my hottest galleries. I'm not sure yet, but I'll let all of you decide. I'm also waiting for confirmation that my first music video (well, not MY video, but I'm featured in the music video) has hit the airwaves! As soon as I get confirmation, I'll post the details so that you can look for me on the tube!  
Your Miss G

12/13/05 - New Gallery Preview

Here's a preview of the next gallery which will be live soon. Back soon! R

12/10/05 - New Video Live

Just little ole' me rolling around on my comfy bed...


12/08/05 - My Howard Stern Appearances Are Back!

Thanks to my pal Josh for letting me (and us) know that my two Stern appearances (the fastest ever repeated so I'm told!) are available through many cable providers by a new company that is showing old Stern repeats on a PPV basis. The product is called "Howard Stern on Demand" and can be reached here - Howard on Demand. Check 'em out! And I should have a new vid live in a day or so.   Miss G.


12/04/05 - New Gallery Live

The new gallery is live. Nice contrast between frilly and nasty ;) Enjoy. RG

  11/29/05 - New Gallery Preview


Here's a preview from a hot new gallery that's going to go live soon. And I keep meaning to thank all the new "Street-teamers" that have joined me in the last few weeks! You are all truly the backbone of an amazing grass roots promotion and awareness campaign. Make sure you keep sending us updates on progress. We want to know all!



11/25/05 - Rita's Wish List

Many of you have written me about this, so I finally did it. My "Wish List" is live and right here... Rita's Wish List. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and were able to spend the day with family and friends! Luv, The "G"


11/23/05 - New Video

I'm back from The Bahamas! I had a great time, and as promised we added a new video before Thanksgiving! I'm trying to answer as many member e-mails as possible so please bear with me. Have a great holiday, and I'll be back soon! Luv, Me


11/21/05 - New Gallery Live

Sorry for the delay! The new gallery is live. It's mostly shots of me in all of my naughtiness in front of a gorgeous sunset. I really like the contrast and colors in some of the pics. Very hot. And another new video coming by Turkey Day! R

  11/15/05 - Greetings From The Bahamas!


I'm in the Bahamas for almost a week to host/model for famous Playboy photographer David Mecey's www.fotofantasycamp.com...  I'm very excited!!! The preview photo is from a new gallery going live soon. And thanks for all the recent orders! I sent many out before leaving, and will send the rest when I get back.  Miss G ;)


11/13/05 - New Video Live

Especially for all you "ass-men" out there! ;) Luv, me

  11/08/05 - Body Art Gallery Live!


I guess my body is finally and officially a work of art! ;) It's me and Giana Taylor getting bodypainted by artist Rah Picasso. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed doing it!   R

  11/06/05 - New Member Benefits, New Preview, and New Galleries Coming!


The preview is an upcoming gallery where members get to see me and www.gianataylor.com get bodypainted by artist Rah Picasso as I narrate the process for the artist's DVD. Gallery coming soon!... See the Merchandise link for new member benefits! I'm literally offering members the clothes off my back ;... and other new galleries are coming as well. Luv ya!  Rita


11/03/05 - Another Hot New Video, and a Story

The new video is hot. Kind of a different look for me - the hair and the makeup. I think you might get a rise out of it... ;)

The story... usually when I get asked about my most embarrassing moment I can't think of anything, but that all changed this week. I was at the gym walking on the treadmill when my cell phone rang. I stopped to answer it and it was an important call that took my mind away from what I was doing. Then like a dork I rolled right off the platform burning the skin right off my elbow as I tried to prevent more severe damage... and it still hurts like hell!!

So show me some love this weekend! I need it! And enjoy the new vid!  The "G"


11/03/05 - New Video. Join Now! ;)

Trust me when I tell you that you will NEVER think of white wine the same way after you see my latest vid. BTW, have you noticed the prices of these other gal sites lately? I still manage every aspect of my site and have never raised price. My members are friends, and that's why regardless of my other media stuff, my site will always be me! I truly luv you all!   R

  10/28/05 - 2006 Calendar now Available! And New Preview Pics.


I am REALLY EXCITED about being part of this 2006 calendar! Why? Because I care deeply about the pictures of me that get published and distributed, and the ones  they chose for my month are some of MY BEST EVER and I don't want any of my fans and friends to miss out on this calendar that will only be around for 1 year! Plus, when you order, I personally sign every one! And supplies are limited this year!!!

  10/28/05 - I'm Featured in the New PLAYBOY Special Edition "Vixens!"


YOURS TRULY is on newsstands NOW!!!!!! in this month's issue of Playboy Special Editions Voluptuous VIXENS, but not for long so go get it! I'm even written about on the cover! See where it says about Howard Stern's pick for the Best Natural Breasts! 

  10/23/05 - New Pics Posted


A few more pics from the latest gallery. The one on the left was the only one I could show here, but if you look close enough... ;) The rest? Forget it! Enjoy... and remember, root on my Astros for me! 


10/18/05 - New Gallery, and My Playboy Column Announcement!

Like it says above, I am happy to report that I have been named Playboy Magazine's new Sex and Advice columnist for their "Special Edition" magazines starting in December with their "Voluptuous Vixens" mag! How cool is this? I'll have more about this leading up to December!

For now, I posted the 2nd part of the Red Hot Bikini Gallery. And believe me, Part II gets a lot hotter! And remember... Go Astros!!!! ;)  R


10/13/05 - Hot New Video Live!

It's very hot, and longer than most! Actually, it's the accompanying video to the new "Red Hot" bikini gallery, 'cept there's pretty much no bikini. ;) Worth the low price of membership alone! Tell me what you think... Luv, Me


10/09/05 - I'm Back, and New Gallery Live

I made it back in one piece! I'm trying to catch up on things quickly, like e-mails and orders, so please bear with me. Some good news I'll be sharing soon. Thanks for all the great feedback on my first national magazine cover! It means a whole lot!!!!! Meantime I posted the first part of a hot new gallery. Until we meet again... Miss G


10/07/05 - New Preview

Webmaster's Note: Rita's due back in town any minute. She'll have some new updates, and she wanted me to add the new preview pic above. We'll have new stuff live this weekend. Please let her know if you heard her radio appearances this past week! She's loves corresponding with members!


10/04/05 - Rita Live on HOT 97 in NYC!

Webmaster's Note: Rita just called me. She's getting ready to do the Sirius show (Eminem's station - Shade 45), and she wanted everyone to know she'll also be joining DJ Absolute LIVE in the studios of NYC's HOT 97 as his special guest, sometime around midnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning! Please tune in!


10/03/05 - New Vid is Live

As promised! A little more bathroom nastiness... ;) Remember I'm on the Eminem satellite Sirius station tomorrow, and I'll have a new preview and gallery up soon.  R


10/02/05 - I'm Going to be on Eminem's Radio Station!

For all you Sirius users!!! I've been invited to appear on Eminem's very own Sirius Satellite radio station - Shade 45! I'm going to be on Tuesday night, sometime around or just after 6PM EST. That's when I'll be there. It's as good a time as any to invest in satellite radio if you haven't done so already! Definitely the future of radio! 

And for all you video crazies, expect a new one of yours truly to be posted on the site tomorrow!


09/29/05 - I'm on the Cover of a National Magazine!

I've been holding off this news until I had word that it has officially hit the newsstands, and it has! I am on the cover of the new Smooth Girl magazine, edition #5. This is a national publication! You can probably tell that I am VERY EXCITED about this!  Buy the magazine, and bring it to www.glamourcon.com. I'll be there live to meet you personally and autograph your copy! I'll be other places as well, keep watching here for details. And thanks to every one of you for your support, and most of all, your love!   - Rita G.


09/27/05 - New Video Live

I'm back, and I have a new video live. You know, there are now more than two dozen different videos and video clips on the member site. This one I'm playfully calling "bathroom striptease" since that's kind of what I'm up to in the vid. BTW, the next few weeks are going to be very exciting.  Your Miss G.


09/24/05 - New Gallery Live

Webmaster's Note: The previewed gallery above is now live. Rita is working hard this weekend, and will be sharing some great news with everyone very soon. We'll also be posting another new video soon.

  09/21/05 - Another Preview


Thanks for all the feedback today on the new vid. Many of you were quite, um, descriptive and I don't mind ... that video turns even me on ;) I'm excited about this gallery and wanted to show a preview. It will be live soon. If you like it, join! What more can I do??? ;)  The "G"


09/20/05 - "Virtual Rita"  Video Now Live!

I never thought of it that way, but when I reviewed it I thought to myself this is the closest I've ever filmed to what it's like to... you know... "be with" me (my wording was edited).  This vid  is the REAL THANG! No better time than now to join the site. More coming soon, the trailer DVD video still live, new gallery ready to go, more vids, same low price! ;) Hope you like the new vid! Trust me, you will.  R


09/20/05 - Be My Friend! Link My Banner On Your Website!

Right click to save banner. Add it to your site! Hyperlink it to www.rita-g.com! Thanks!


09/17/05 - "Secrets of Rita G"  DVD! Buy it Next Month!

Remember my long awaited exclusive DVD? Well it's here!!  I didn't meet my intended deadline for Jan. 05, and continued to collect over 8 months of additional footage - more exotic and erotic than I was gonna release at first, I even traveled to several different countries! It's like having a front row seat to my life and I share EVERYTHING - that's why it's called 'THE SECRETS OF RITA G.' You get to see me in so many different places doing so many different things you never have a chance to get bored. There is a really cool DVD trailer on the member site, and if you like this old trailer the new shit will really blow your mind.....I'm trying to put a trailer on this site as well. I will be prepared to accept and ship orders by mid October, or you can get yours from me in person and signed at this year's www.glamourcon.com in LA. 

  09/14/05 - More New Pics


I posted a few more pics from this latest gallery. Also, a new preview above for the next gallery. And I'll have more news and goodies very very soon. 


09/11/05 - Some New Pics Live

As promised. From the gallery previewed directly below. Lots and lots more coming very soon. New pics, vids, news, magazines, and hopefully even more ways to meet me. Keep an eye on the member site very soon!


09/09/05 - New Gallery Preview

Sorry - I hoped to have a new video up today but it's not ready. Instead, check out the new preview. This gallery will be live this weekend. Let me know what you think of the accessories... and anything else ;)  Me

  09/04/05 - Labor Day, and New Preview


I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, and that things get better in the gulf coast soon! I was so excited about the new photo shoots I just completed (see, I never take time off, always working! ;), I made sure we rushed at least one photo to the site. This pic is as new and recent as new gets. The galleries will kick absolute ass. They'll be here soon. Meantime, keep writing, and I'll keep responding!  Your Miss G

  09/01/05 - Final "Raft" Pics Now Live


Ding! Round three, and Rita comes out dripping wet! Let's see if my round three pics can score the knockout! Mostly good old fashioned t&a for this set, and a bit more of the beloved p ;)... Luv ya!


08/28/05 - More "Raft" Pics Now Live

Thanks for liking the first set. Warning - the 2nd set has more (my webmaster doesn't want me using the "p" word here, but you catch my drift). More of that! ;) BTW, nobody has a greater bunch of members and friends than me! You all rule!  Keep writing!  The "G"

  08/26/05 - New Fan Sites!


I'm so excited! First, I want to thank Shawn Webster for creating www.fanofrita-g.com/ which has become my official fan site! Shawn also created the amazing cartoon pictured to the left!

I also want to thank Charlie Thompson for starting and moderating my first dedicated Yahoo Group! You can visit and sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RitaG/


08/23/05 - New Video!

I swear, I forgot how hot this new video was until I watched it again this morning to proof it before going live. It made me want to do things to myself ;) But like the last one, it can only stay up a short time (no pun intended - promise!). Preview pic above. But come in and see the real thing - it's much better!  Miss G. 


08/21/05 - New Gallery! And Last Chance Video!

The first part of the "raft" gallery is live! The preview is below.

Some good news/bad news: These are your LAST 2 DAYS to download the super hot raft video! Now that the new gallery is live, you can get a better preview of what you're missing. The good news is that I'll be REPLACING the raft video with a brand new vid! So why not make sure you get 'em both by joining right now???

  08/14/05 - Video Preview


Here's a preview of the new "raft" video. A few people wrote asking for a teaser clip on here, but for reasons that can be left to your imagination, I could not do it. But I always give in at least a little... But I have only limited control over how long the vid will air. Don't miss this one! More coming this week! The G


08/09/05 - NEW VIDEO LIVE!

Listen up... my new "raft" video just went live. It's very hot and very intimate, about 4 minutes long - BUT - because of some copyright issues, IT WILL PROBABLY NOT BE ON THE SITE FOREVER. Actually, I'm not sure how long, but if you love me, don't wait. See it now. I don't want my true fans and friends to miss this one. More coming soon! R


08/07/05 - Calling All Girls (and wannabe models)

Webmaster's Note: Okay, not ALL girls. But definitely ones that have the right stuff. Rita and her web team are about to embark on a few new projects, and we're looking for a few gals that could be the "next big thing" in adult modeling. You'll be backed by one of the highest trafficked model sites on the Internet (Rita's - which gets as many as 2 million hits per day), a HUGE advantage over trying to go it on your own. Write us today, send us some info, a few pics, and tell us why you think you're the next big thing! MODEL INFO


08/02/05 - New Gallery Now... New Video(s) Coming Soon

Part II of the tan gallery is live. And it's getting very hot in here. I couldn't even preview it ;) And any day, some new videos are going to be live. Some of my best work, and about 3x longer than some of the other clips. No better time to join. The other gals have all raised their prices. Not me. Same price since 2003. Another reason to support "The G"... Luv, Me


07/28/05 - Rita G. in Playboy!

I can finally announce it! I have some pretty appetizing news for all of my RITA G-LOVER'S.  Playboy held a casting call in my hometown last week.  I attended on a whim at the urging of LA photographer Mark Thompson.  It turns out they interviewed and tested over 100 girls but only chose two - AND I WAS ONE OF THE TWO!!!!! They singled me out of a sea of 18 year old girls with blond hair and boob jobs - to my total amazement.  they shot me for their PLAYBOY special editions VOLUPTUOUS VIXENS due to print approximately 2-3 months from now. I'll remind you all when it becomes available....  and keep checking back here for more exciting upcoming events...  G-LOVE ;)


07/26/05 - New Gallery and More

Lots happening. The first half of a brand new gallery is live. You can see a preview above. It's a very classy and sultry gallery. Kind of dreamy... I have a couple of new videos as well, and we're working hard to get them live. They are HOT! And I'm also going to have some news about appearing in a MAJOR publication soon. And thanks for everyone voting for me on FTJ (see below). I'm now in the Top 100 gals by ranking, out of like 200,000! Back soon with more news! Luv u all!  The "G"


07/19/05 - New Preview

Another brand SPANKING new gallery coming very soon. I haven't named it yet. Any suggestions from the preview pic? Maybe I'll use you idea and be eternally grateful.  Miss G.


07/17/05 - 2nd Part of Gallery now Live!

The perfect reading for a warm, sticky, steamy Sunday night. I gave a teaser of this part of the gallery last week. Now see the rest. Let's both be sticky tonight.. ;) R


07/12/05 - * NEWS FLASH* - Rita, 50 Cent, and Eminem!

A mini update news flash - I am headed to Denver, CO today to co-host the official after-party for the 50 Cent/Eminem concert being held at a club called BROOKLYN'S.... and a quick shout out to Tim Robinson in Apopka, FL who didn't believe he was talking to the 'REAL' Rita G... here's your sign! ;)


07/10/05 - New "Field" Gallery Live!

The first part is live of the new field gallery. Hope you like it as much as I liked posing for it! I also included a teaser into the 2nd part ;)  R


07/08/05 - New Gallery Preview

I'm going to post a hot and super new gallery this weekend, the first part of it. A preview pic is above. Hope you like it! ;) Lots more coming soon.  Hugz, Miss G.


07/01/05 - Rita G Faces the Jury

A dare by a few friends led me to posting a couple of pix on a rating website, and so far nobody is showing me much love! I need my friends to get out there and make me the #1 gal on there. When you see some of the chicks rated ahead of me, I know you'll have my back! Here's the page... Rate Rita G. I'm in L.A. for the holiday, home soon with some got new pics. Luv, R


06/28/05 - Rita's Got Game! My New Gallery!

Yea, I'm the hustler you've always waited for! I may not be the best pool player in the world but I'll hustle your ass anytime - even if I have to use my own ass ;) I kinda like doing things on felt tables... LMK what you think of my "game"...  R

  06/24/05 - Check out My Friend Buffie!


I don't show a lot of other model chicks on my site because I'm choosy, but every so often, chicks like Buffie come around. Her website is www.buffiethebody.com. And you all know how I like a great ass! ;) 


06/21/05 - Rita G. on My Space!

Webmaster's Note: Rita G. has joined the millions of people who make My Space the most popular online community! The link to her page is http://profile.myspace.com/ritag. Please visit, tell your friends, add her as a friend, and most importantly ask your friends to add her as well! She'll post there whenever she can, and add a special picture or two from time to time.


06/19/05 - Does My Rack Stack Up?

Your favorite Rita is now a pool shark! Do I stack up? ;) The preview is above, the gallery is coming soon. Warning - I'm quite the hustler! 


06/15/05 - New Pics Posted

More red...and a little pink ;) Working on getting some very spanking hot new pics live very soon. Stay tuned. Miss G.


06/08/05 - The Red Gallery Now Live

This new gallery is very dreamy... soft... very sensual... and very red. Intimate. This is the first part but I felt very sexy when I shot it. I smelled good... I tasted good... Just feel yourself with me when you view. Back very soon.  R


06/01/05 - New Gallery and New Preview

The new gallery is called "Out of the White Dress." It started with a dress. It ended the way you all probably liked for it to end ;) I also posted a preview pic to a brand new gallery coming soon - this is really new, never released, and a gallery I'm very proud of. Coming very soon. Luv... Miss G


05/24/05 - My Classic Stern Appearance Now Available!

So many of my new fans want to know how they can see the Stern episode that initially made everyone start talking about my 'perfect' breasts...  and everyone who saw the censored version on TV wants to know how they can see the UNCENSORED!! version...  your prayers have been answered.  I noticed Howard's website has chosen only a handful of episodes that got HUGE ratings to make available for download. See the show that started it all!  Rita's Stern Appearance


05/19/05 - Candid Shots - Me and K.C. from Stern Show!

I just got back from an amazing week in L.A. with K.C. from the Howard Stern Show. More big news coming. For now, here are some pics for everyone to see! Me and K.C.


05/13/05 - More (or really "less") White Dress

I think I'm actually "in" the white dress less in these shots than the first part of the gallery! More news coming... same Rita time, same Rita channel! ;)


05/08/05 - More Booty!

I hope you like my new friend Zenaida! She is the first model to appear on my site that I did not photograph or model with. She's also the first with a booty worthy of including! There's an entire 40+ picture gallery, a member exclusive, of Zenaida. Enjoy! These are some of her best shots, and believe me, they're all Zenaida!


05/05/05 - RITA LIVE with K.C. from HOWARD STERN SHOW!

Webmaster's Note: Rita is on her way out to L.A. to appear with K.C. Armstrong from the Howard Stern Show, and others (including Craig Gass) at a Comedy Club Monday night! If you are in the area, do not miss this! More on this new "relationship" coming very soon!


04/30/05 - COME MEET ME IN PERSON!!!!!

Finally, I'm doing a live appearance that everyone can attend. Click the link above for details. And make sure you introduce yourself. I CAN'T WAIT to meet some of you!!!!!! R


04/26/05 - "Hot Imports Night" Car Show Appearance Pics Live!

If you attended the recent Hot Import Nights car show in Houston TX, you probably had no idea that you'd run into yours truly. Yes, I was floating around and taking pictures with everybody - as a favor to my friends at XM Satellite Radio.  You'll like these pics...  are these other girls on the skinny side - or am I just EXTREMELY juicy?  I think the latter (smile)


04/21/05 - White Dress Gallery Now Live!

And I think I'm wearing at least part of the dress in a couple of the pics! ;) More news coming soon. Miss G.


04/14/05 - Biker Chic Gallery Now Live!

One of my long time members and friends recently asked me to be his "biker chic." If I was, this is how I'd look. Hope this will do for now!  Luv, Me


04/05/05 - Third Red Bikini Gallery Now Live!

Warning -  you won't see any bikini, just heels! ;) Thanx for liking these "bikini" galleries.  R

  03/31/05 - *Magazine Alert*

Hey everybody,  check out page 16&17 of the new King Magazine with Olivia on the cover.... you might see a familiar face *wink*:-)

03/29/05 - Second Red Bikini Gallery Now Live!

Just don't ask me what happened to the bikini! (grin). Enjoy... Miss R.


03/24/05 - First Red Bikini Gallery Now Live!

I broke this up into 3 galleries b'cause I'm not sure you can handle it all at once! Only a few people have seen it, and several have fallen in love with me since, so be warned! Please tell me what ya think ;) luv, me


03/15/05 - Very Special New Video Now Live!

Webmaster's Note - The new video is live, and is slightly reminiscent (in attitude, anyway) of her work during the legendary Stern show appearance! It's sexy, funny, clever... and you'll never count calories (and carbs) the same way again. If you love Rita, you'll love this!


03/15/05 - Nude Gallery Live

I like artsy nude pictures. These are all black & white and nothing touches my skin in any of them except my hair, hands, and the wind. Tell me what you think of 'em. And thanks and a shout out to my new Street Team leaders in Germany and one of my other "hometowns" - L.A.!   Peace... R


03/13/05 - New Gallery Previews

Webmaster's Note - There are previews from two upcoming galleries on the "preview" page. The complete galleries will be posted soon. Also, Rita just gave me an amazing video that every fan and/or friend of hers MUST see. The coolest thing since her Stern appearance, and in some ways, similar. A whole new side of Rita. Coming very soon!


03/08/05 - New Gallery Live

As Rita promised, her new "poolside" gallery is now live. These pics are very recent!


03/06/05 - New Galleries and Videos Coming

Sorry! Slight mishap, was supposed to have new stuff up today. Expect it on Tuesday, please don't hate me!!! I just got back my first all-nude (not a cloth to be seen) gallery too! Nothing but nudity! ;) That one's coming soon too. Your Friend, The "G"


03/01/05 - Win-a-Date Gallery Now Live

Webmaster's Note - The photos from the first "Win-a-Date with Rita G" contest are posted. Some details about the date are also included. As stated on that page, the chances of winning the next one are actually very good. And after seeing the photos, tell me there's a better contest prize out there!


02/27/05 - New Gallery Previews - Win-a-Date pics, and new bikini Shoot

Webmaster's Note - Hundreds of new pics have arrived, and we'll be bringing them all live. See the Preview page for a pic from Rita's new bikini shoot, and her first WIN-A-DATE contest date. HAS RITA EVER LOOKED HOTTER? As the Webmaster, I can tell you that VERY FEW ENTRANTS MET THE CRITERIA the first time around! Meaning, the odds were actually extremely good of winning. Another one is coming. But you MUST meet the criteria. Start now! See details below right.


02/26/05 - New Message From Rita

Read what she has to say! Click here to read 


02/20/05 - New Gallery

Sorry, I'm still on "the road" and working on getting some hot new galleries and videos live. But instead of waiting, a new one from 2004 is live that I have never posted or displayed anywhere. You are the first! Talk soon, and thanks for the e-mails about joining my team! I'll make a selection very soon!!! Miss G.



I'm looking for some SPECIAL fans & friends to join my team! Click here for Details! 


02/08/05 - "Bikini" Video Live

Definitely time to join ;) Enjoy. And be around this weekend, when I begin searching for my "#1 fan" and fans. Details this weekend. This time, I want YOU!!! R


02/06/05 - Thanks and Upcoming Video

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! for the Birthday wishes, and presents!!! I've asked my webmaster to leave my message up on the preview page a while longer so maybe I'll get a few more! ;) Meantime, I was just given a great video from one of my bikini shoots and it is about 2 to 3 times LONGER than the other videos, and it's me in (and very much OUT) of the black bikini pictured above. The video is the same shoot! It will be live within a few days. Thanks again, luv u all!  R


02/03/05 - Rita's Upcoming Birthday

Webmaster's Note - Rita's Birthday is Saturday, Feb. 5. Want to know what to buy her? See her Birthday message by clicking the "Preview" tab above.


02/01/05 - New Video

I'm waiting on some new pics that I want to show everyone, Instead of waiting any longer, I added a new video. 


01/23/05 - The Hotter Ones With Akira Lane!

I just posted the rest of the shots of me and Akira. If you were thinking about joining, this might be a good time ;)  Miss G


01/17/05 - Rita Getting "Down" With Akira Lane!

The first (smaller) of two galleries with me and super adult model Akira Lane, that we shot for Danni Ashe! And I'm still looking for new gals to model with ;)


01/12/05 - Site Update

Webmaster's Note - The member site now contains more than 55 separate Rita photo galleries (with as many as 75 photos in a gallery), and more than 20 videos!


01/09/05 - Yellow Bikini Gallery Live!

In (and out) of the yellow bikini! See the preview above. Also, I have a new "Sex Crap" column live on E-Crap, where you get to know the REAL RITA G!!!


01/01/05 - New Gallery Live!

My first new gallery of 2005! May you see many fireworks when you see what I've been up to ;)


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