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The Secrets of Rita G

12/24/04 - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! The member site will be revamped soon - will be much easier to navigate with all galleries on one page. Meantime, a preview pic to the next two galleries is on the preview link above. Have a great holiday, think about me lots (I'll do the same) and I'll see you very soon! Luv u all!  R


12/22/04 - Rita G. in NYC!!!!!!!

This just came up, I'm hosting a BET uncut video show with the cottontailsusa.com models in NYC tonight, Wed. I'm on my way to Manhattan. I'll pass on any more details if I get them in time to update the site, in case anyone is in NYC. R


12/20/04 - The Softer Side of Rita

A little break from the nasty pictures. These show the softer side of me. I'm really proud of them. I hope you like them as well. More before Christmas. Peace.

12/12/04 - New Website Design

I hope you like the new design. The member site hasn't been redesigned yet, but it will be soon. Meantime, all the content is still there ;) R


12/9/04 - New Intimate Gallery Live

It's a small gallery, but perhaps my most intimate for several reasons - the nature of the pics, and the size of the pics. If you want to get really close to me, this is a good start.


12/2/04 - New Gallery Live

Another that I just did for Danni's. And yeah, I get a little wild in that retro car! ;)

11/29/04 - New Galleries Coming & CD Recommendation!

Expect two new galleries this week. I'm in the process of getting hundreds of new pics ready for posting. Meantime, I want to give a shout out to my friends about a CD a business friend turned me on to. I rarely endorse any products (especially when I don't get paid to do it LOL) but this gal absolutely rocks! Her name is Chrisie Santoni and the CD can be found at this link Chrisie Santoni CD Link. And if you do buy the CD, make sure you tell her Rita sent you! If I don't get any money, at least she will love me for telling people! And remember, sexy new galleries this week! Luv, R 


11/26/04 - My First Calendar Now Available! 

I'm on the back cover, inside, and along with some of the hottest chicks! I'm so excited to finally be part of a major calendar! A future collector's item, personally signed! For more info... calendar

11/22/04 - New Pics Posted

Six new shots from a shot I JUST DID LESS THAN A WEEK AGO for Danni's Hard Drive. It's only six, but they are very hot. And NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has seen them yet but me and the photographer! I wanted to post something special so I expedited getting them to me to include. I'll be posting MANY more pics soon, but thought you might like these first and it doesn't get any more recent. And when else have you seen me chained up??? ;) Miss G

October 2004

10/26/04 - New Pics Posted More from the BikiniRiot shoot are live. These are a little nastier. R

10/19/04 - BikiniRiot Set Now Live I just posted the first of several sets from a shoot I recently did for website
BikiniRiot.com. The one at the left is the only one I could post where I have a full bikini on! ;) I also made them a little bigger. Click on it to see the size. Hope you like
'em because I'll posting lots more from the shoot. Peace.. R

10/17/04 - Member Site Update Hi all. I'm going through some new pics as we speak, and deciding what to post next. But I wanted to update non-members on the progress of the site. Right now, I have over 50 different pictorial collections, and 20 video files live on the site at all times. Many are previewed here in the news archives. Not to mention the special member-only benefits that regularly occur. It's safe to say I know "most" of my members personally, especially the ones that have been with me the longest. Be back soon with some news, and more of the things you come here for

10/10/04 - New Video Now Live! I've been putting a lot of new pics up, and realized it's been a while since I added any new vids. I came across a third "shower" clip. There is a lot of lathering and it gets very, very, very graphic. If you're not into extreme pussy lathering close-ups stay away from this one! Some news coming soon. Keep writing and calling! Miss G.


10/3/04 - Swing Gallery Live I was so sure you'd choose the swing gallery that I had already started creating it. Well, here's part of it. More news on the way soon! R.

September 2004

9/27/04 - 2nd Member Choice Gallery Live You chose the artsy gallery! I thought you'd choose #3, the swing, but #2 has the best pussy shots, so ya done good! More interactive shit on the way, including a few special "member only" auctions that are in the planning stages.

9/22/04 - New Member Choice The reaction was so good to the last one that I decided to do another one. Three new gallery pics are now posted. Tell me which you like the best again! Thanks for the great response last time!

And I promised my GALAGA story...

Want to know how a sexy chick spends her Friday night? Well it just so happens that one of my friends (actually he's like my slave) got all excited and ready to challenge me when I mentioned the video game Galaga and said that I am the "shit". He thought it was so cute that I was confident enough to talk such big shit, so I promptly pulled into the nearest pool hall to settle things. It's funny, guys never expect a girl to be good at games like this — so he talked some shit as well... But I think you know he had to EAT those words. If you can believe it I scored more than a million and the machine went back to zero. I reached stage 96. what the moral of this story? DON'T FUCK WIT RITA G!!!!!!!!!!

9/19/04 - First Member Choice Gallery Live Here's to many more member choices! This was the gallery that looked like it was going to win in a landslide, and it kind of ended up that way. Remind me to tell you the story about my extreme GALAGA talents! Miss G...

9/16/04 - Still Tabulating Votes Shit! I thought we had a winner, and was going to post the gallery last night, but a bunch of new members signed up and voted for a different one! I'll give it another couple of days at the most. You'll like it, I promise!

- You Choose the Next Gallery! Interacting with all of you is about the greatest thing in the world. I've spoken to and/or e-mailed with many of my member friends and if you are one of them, you know how I really feel. Here's your chance to choose the next gallery. I just added samples from three different galleries (on the member site, Gallery #2). Simply e-me and tell me which one you want. The one with the most votes in a couple of days will get posted with the full gallery. Expect more of these interactive things in the future, even ones that get VERY personal! So close, you might even feel it! R

9/9/04 - The New Gallery Is Live No additional preview. They're all pretty hot and I would have had to doctor them to show here, and I didn't want to do that to these pics. They're special ;)

9/7/04 - Back From Holiday Weekend - I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend, I did but it sucks that summer is kind of over. I just posted some pics from the next gallery. They're a bit eclectic, but what can I say - I'm an eclectic gal! ;)

9/1/04 - More Oohzie The rest of the gallery is now loaded. Hope you like her as much as I do ;) And I'm always looking for my next photographic "subject" so if any ladies are reading... e-me!

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