Win-a-Date Winner (#1)









Are you Next?

Here are the pictures from the first WIN-A-DATE With Rita G. contest.

The winner's name is John Viray, from Seaside, CA. It so happened that the winner was from an area that Rita had scheduled on an upcoming model shoot, so arrangements were made for the date to happen in California.

As you can see from the photos, Rita went all out! She looked amazing, and did some very "special" modeling for John in her hotel room prior to the date (some photographed, others not).

There Were VERY Few Entries!

This is only partly true. There were hundreds of entries for the first Win-a-Date contest, However, as entry upon entry had to be disqualified for not meeting the proper criteria, it ended up that the amount of valid entries could have been counted on ONE HAND!

We were very strict about following the terms and conditions. If we weren't it would not have been fair to those who played by the rules. Needless to say, if YOU had entered the first contest, and YOU followed the rules, YOU probably would have had the date pictured here!

The next Win-a-Date date is coming soon!