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Many of my friends and fans have inquired about an Affiliate program where you can help spread the word about me, and profit from it as well! We finally have our program in place, and for a limited time (or longer) I'm paying 40% commission on all new signups! That means $8 to you for every person you get to join the site! In other words, if you get only 15,000 to join, you will make $120,000.00!!!!! And I know you can do it! Feel free to use any of my PREVIEW pics from this site to link your affiliate code to.

A little hint - a HUGE amount of my site traffic and memberships come from Hip-Hop message boards. Even more so since the Kanye West video! Find a nice booty pic of me, sell me to Hip-Hop messagers and you'll be rich very soon!


Why are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be signing up to be an affiliate, getting the code, choosing a pic, and promoting me everywhere, on every website and message board??? DO IT! ;)

And here's a bonus... I will be in touch with the most successful affiliates PERSONALLY, with the chance to become even more involved in my future promotions!


Rita G




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