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About Rita G

It’s a bit ironic that many people who spend a great deal of time around Rita deem her the “Queen of all Media” - ironic in that her first major breakout performance was in front of the self-professed “King of all Media,” Howard Stern. Immediately after her first appearance on Stern’s E! Television show, she became a national phenomenon when she magically unveiled the “Best Natural Breasts” in the world (stated by Howard and Robin) in her own, magical, Rita G way! Not only was she asked back in rapid time, but that first episode was the fastest repeat telecast ever for the show (repeated less than two weeks after the original air date), and Rita’s name was the most searched name on search engines for the hours after the first telecast. There’s something about Rita.

But the Stern show only confirmed what many of us already knew – Rita has “it.” And that “it” that was displayed on national television began a string of media successes including being named twice to Playboy’s “Sexy 100,” and appearances in countless national magazines including Playboy. She also guest-hosted a Playboy Sex Advice column for a year! Then, Rita took on the hip-hop world and crushed it. Regular appearances in top hip-hop magazines like King, XXL, and Smooth, guest stints on radio stations like Hot 97 in NYC, and acting as a correspondent on BET started the crush. But when Kanye West personally chose Rita to star in his “Flashing Lights” video in 2008, more than 35 million viewers on You Tube alone would fall under her sexy spell. Add to all this a top selling DVD, and one of the most-trafficked adult model websites, and we think she makes a pretty good case to the title “Queen of All Media.”



While Rita doesn’t appear as much in front of the camera as she used to (thought she still rocks it better than ever when she does), she’s found yet another conquer behind the camera. Rita has become one of the most sought-after photographers for aspiring and working models. She’s also doing her part to encourage people to eat healthier and to explore better health through eating green through her multimedia “Rita Goes Green” campaign, and if you don’t yet follow her on Twitter, it’s something you must do before you die. Rita tells it like it is like nobody else. She has powerful beliefs, and stays true to what has made her so popular. There is something super sexy about a woman with looks, brains, and passion. There is truly nobody else like Rita G!

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